Saturday, 21 February 2015

Let's take a look: Hentai Platformers (2D) (2015)

EDIT #1: I will continue to update this post as upcoming games are released!

[2015/09/30] Samurai Sacrament released! [Official blog post]
[2015/11/14] Anthophobia released! [Official blog post]


I thought I'd take a breather from AoA's development and write a post on the games that is to come for 2015. I'm sure some of you might have heard them already but just in case someone haven't, I've put together a list of H-platformers below for your convenience.

I hope 2014 was a good year for you because 2015 promises these H-games that should more than satiate your appetite for sprite sex!

Let's take a[n ecchi] look:


1. Noaika by Kyrieru
After having released Kurovadis and Eroico, Noaika is Kyrieru's current project. Having tried the demo, the difficulty level is rather high as with his previous games. The game starts with a dark ambience and showcases a number of amazing sprite H-animations. I'd say the ambience and lighting engine in-game has been amazing thus far.

The game is still undergoing development as Kyrieru continues to polish and add additional content.

2. Samurai Sacrament by Mosaboru
Released on 2015/09/30, check official blog post!

This game looks absolutely amazing and is probably the most beautiful H-game I have laid eyes on. The background, game effects and character sprite-works are on another level for H-games. There's currently a few sprite H-animations you can find in the demo (obtained from the first page of Mosaboru's blog) and a CG while the rest of the CGs remain unrevealed, likely kept for the final release.

YouTube showcase to show what I mean.

It looks absolutely beast and Mosaboru has been quite actively posting update on the blog so maybe we'll see a release in 2015? completed the game and is out now!

3. Future Fragments by HentaiWriter & Co.
Future Fragments (FF) is pretty new, having started development only in January. Much progress have been made so far developing the engine ground-up to the now very early alpha demo. The 3-person team consisting HentaiWriter, CheshireCat, and TriangulatePixel whose artwork looks amazing and unique.

Future Fragments is currently running on Patreon, aiming for completion some time in the third quarter of 2015.

4. Crisis Point: Extinction by Anon42
Crisis Point: Extinction (CP:E) has been in development since mid-2014 and has had multiple demo releases with the most recent ones found at Anon42's development blog. So far a number of sprite sex can be found within CP:E, including game over from a boss, while you explore the Metroid-inspired world.

CP:E is also running on Patreon, although no official release date has been announced yet.

Extras #1

Although technically not platformers, they do involve explorations on 2D platforms so I thought you readers might be interested in these other mentions that contain sprite H-animations:

5. Anthophobia by Sourjelly & FJLM

Released on 2015/11/14, check official blog post!
Anthophobia is a zombie-eroge with a twist of greens. You play a heroine who is partially immune to the plant-zombie infestation, trying to survive the outbreak. It seems that the design of Anthophobia is that of a slower paced survivor game, requiring the conservation of ammo and have objective runs (e.g. start the generator). Sourjelly have a demo (contains a few sprite H-animations already) posted at his/her blog. Anthophobia will contain CGs in addition to the sprite H-animations.

It appears that Sourjelly has just completed the intro screens for the game. We should see a release very soon. Game is now complete. Check out Sourjelly's blog!

6. Parasite in City 2 by PixelFactory
And of course, there's no missing this last one that is the sequel to Parasite in City. PiC turned heads when it was released in end-2013, so there's a lot of anticipation for the sequel. Development for the sequel is already underway but following PixelFactory's recent blog post, it may well take the entire year to complete.

Currently no demo for has been released.

P/S: This is in no way a complete list, merely findings of my own. Also AoA is progressing still!

- - - EDIT [24/02/2015] - - -

Extras #2

Additional games missing in the list for 2015 (courtesy of suggestions in the comment list):

7. Ghost Hunter Vena by Vosmug
After having completed Xenotake, Vosmug is developing Ghost Hunter Vena. The new game has been in development since some 3rd quarter 2014. Vosmug is now adding the dialogues, events and drawing more sprites (yay).

There's already a demo at the dev blog, so I'm guessing we'll most likely see a release in 2015.