Sunday, 29 May 2016

AoA - Progress Report (11)

Progress is currently hampered by IRL work, which will take some time to smooth over. In the meantime, I'm still trying to squeeze in development time whenever I can but it will be less than before.  :(

Now let's get that out of the way so we can talk AoA's progress!

Gallery now with proper BG
The gallery needed more work done. I managed to get the UI up, as well as added the gallery background. At the same time, I gave the heroine a new idle sprite (as seen above).

In a past post I talked about having sex affect the heroine depending on a passive skill. The latest passive skill allows the player choose/toggle between 3 different effects that having sex have on the heroine:
1. Default // Gain 1 HP when climax (filled up arousal bar). Heroine is neutral on sex.
2. Fallen //  Take 1.5x stamina damage. Gain full HP when climax. Stamina rate up for X minute(s). Heroine is energized by sex.
3. Saint // Deal 1.5x knockback. Lose 1 HP when climax. Stamina rate down for X minute(s). Heroine wishes to keep away those dirty hands.

Each of the 3 effects enable upon climax (filling the arousal bar). As of now I can't tell if these effects will throw off game balance, so things are subject to change.

On another note, I'm in talks with a voice actress to help give our heroine a new voice. If things go well, our heroine would get a streamlined set of voices! Perhaps even a second set of voice for if Fallen is chosen.