Thursday, 30 June 2016

AoA - Progress Report (12)

Sorry for the delay guys. Seems like I can't make the release this month after all. AoA's new voice actress had recently moved to a new place and is still in the midst of setting up. I'd like to wait for her to export her recordings for this release among the few things below.

I can't say I've done much work myself. Things are not done so basically I've been running back and forth between:

  • Testing out credits screen.
  • Creating a higher res game over animation for "Give Up" on losing the round. This might need a new animation player instance to be created.
  • BGM making and inspiration hunting.
  • Coordinating with voice actress.

At other times I waste precious time staring into the depths that is GMStudio

Here's what I'm hoping to bring in for the next release:

  1. New voice set.
  2. Balance enemy spawn rates to not overwhelm player.
  3. The previously discussed passive that grants buff/debuff to player for sex.
  4. BGM.

Until then, I'll be holding off this release for a while. Looks like my weekend will be all about development.