Wednesday, 24 December 2014

AoD - Demo v0.2

AoD - Demo v0.2
Skills & stuff

Password: aod

Here's the v0.2 promised. I couldn't make it in time for those in the East (it's already Christmas for them! Oops). Probably the biggest addition to AoD in this release is the skills in the pause menu. I will leave it to you to explore the skills and menu but I should point out the menu controls first:-

Menu Controls:
'P' key - Enter/exit pause menu
'Enter' key - Confirm option
'Backspace' key - Return/Cancel

Pause menu.
Switch between tabs for "Active Skills, Passive Skills and Settings".
Currently each active skills at MAX level have very low cooldown period. This is just to facilitate testing. In (future) actual releases, the cooldown will be much longer (est. shortest at 7s to longest at 20s). Also you may notice the shield throw currently does not require a shield to be equipped to use (also to facilitate testing).

Release Notes - v0.2

  1. Added ONE (1) new H-animation (TWO variations if you count 2p & 3p).
  2. Added cum-splosion, but removed "cum puddle".
  3. Pushing enemies over the edge makes them scream.
  4. Added shields in game.
  5. Enemies now drop MONEY and SHIELD when killed.
  6. Added a SKILL system. Now able to buy/upgrade and equip a few skills.
  7. Added arousal bar! When filled, all participants engaged in the sex will gain ONE hp.

As with the last release:

  1. Depleting health doesn't kill player and causes enemies to no longer be able to hit player.
  2. Stepping out of arena bounds still does nothing to player.
  3. Ignore some of the extra sprites if you can, they're there as colour palette reference for me.
  4. The A.I. is still dumb.

Arrow keys - Movement
'C' key - Attack
'A', 'S', and 'D' keys - Activate corresponding active skills

Space - Zoom-in/out
F2 - Restarts game
F4 - Full-screen/Window mode
ESC - Exit game immediately

'P' key - Enter/Exit Pause Menu

Numpad 0 - Trips the player (or press Ctrl)
Numpad 1 - Gives you 3,000 gold
Numpad 2 - Immediately equips yourself with all skills (or press '8')
Numpad 5 - Spawns more grunts (or press '0')

Known bugs
1. Sometimes two or more enemies can get temporarily stuck together. Same for the player.
2. During a sword clash with an enemy, sometimes that enemy's  attack will go through (should negate completely in a 1-on-1).
3. When hitting multiple enemies, you might run into a fatal error (game will abort) stating "instance cannot be found". The recent Gamemaker update changed things a little, I haven't yet gotten to fix this.


I did not thoroughly test v0.2 so once again I'll be counting on you guys to help me stress test and debug this release! Let me know in the comments what you think about v0.2 (and also bugs if you found any).

And so to end the post, Merry Christmas to all that celebrate!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

AoD - Progress report (3) & Stuff

I have been neglecting the H part of AoD for some time now, but I recently added a few things in the hentai aspect, mainly:
Cum-splosion! Too much or too little? You tell me!
I felt like the scenes haven't been making impressions so I increased fluids by tenfold!

Also, I made it such that enemy sprites overlapping the player in the sexing mode will be transparent so you could see more of the heroine (like below):

Apart from that, I've at least gotten lust/arousal bar working now. All that's left now is to set its effects (to grant health and maybe also slight change to the end of the sex interaction) when it fills up.

I want to have v0,2 up before Christmas so I better get to fixing up the damned bugs.



As a side note, Azurezero has completed his platformer game Grimoire.

[Questionable picture removed in compliance to Blogger terms]

You play as Rika, in the search for the Grimoire of spells. Along the linear game progression, you'll obtain a total of 4 spells in which you use to progress through the simple level puzzles.

The game is a short one and has a total of 5 CGs. If you're looking for a casual platforming eroge, you can check out the Grimoire demo.

In addition, I thought I'd also share these few eroge I saw as I scoured the forums a little bit:

Anthophobia by Sourjelly, is a 2D-side-scroller zombie eroge that plays much like Parasite in City, but with puzzles, backtracking and a heroine in pink sweater (which comes off, yay).

Sprite sex feels like they could use an extra frame or two though in the demo, but still good. Also zombies are primarily green and grow flowers.

Malise and the Machine
Malise and the Machine by Eromancer, which at first glance probably won't come across as one an RPG-Maker to the eyes of many. Rewritten engine by Eromancer allowed MatM to look like above, although there have yet to be a gameplay video out yet (probably within the month).

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

AoD - Progress report (2)

Shield Throw in action.

Last week I managed make the first active skill for AoD, the "Shield Throw". I also coded the skill description display, the 'Skill Up' upgrading, and 'Use Skill' functions. So now one can actually collect in-game money from slain enemies, then use them to unlock and equip the shield throw skill. Although, I haven't yet gotten to make the game saving, rendering all game progress useless when exit.

Skill "Shield Throw" with description.
There were some interesting skills suggested in comments section of the previous post. I haven't yet finalize the AoD skill list so I'm still open to suggestions!

As stated in previous post, I am still working on:-

1. The arena background (it being just black is getting to me).
2. Some active & passive skills.
3. Lust bar (effects still unplanned & may affect certain skills).

I guess I was a tad late but Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!