Wednesday 22 March 2017

AoA - Demo v0.93

Download v0.93

File size: ~25 MB
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! | Password: dtny | ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
New in this release:
  1. Boss03 now have a Dominant animation.
  2. Player become temporarily arena-bound on defeating last enemy of the round to avoid clumsy falling.
  3. New BGMs:
    • For Boss fights.
    • For interbattle ambient.
    • Victory jingle.
    • Fall game over jingle.
  4. Gallery Auto-climax (on full lust bar) only on speed "A" or "Auto mode"
  5. Slime minions no longer trigger sex when Boss03 is present, to avoid incompatible animation.
  6. Fixed BGM not playing some times during start of battle.
There were a few requests for the Auto-climax in the gallery to be optional. I've changed it so that you can only get it when the speed is on Auto.

Bulk of this update went into the BGMs. We finally have a separate theme for the bosses as well as a victory and game over jingle. While waiting between rounds, a slightly ominous/dark ambience will play in the background (supposedly accompanied by whistling wind sounds but I haven't gotten that done yet).

Let me know what you think of the new sounds!

    Known Bugs
    1. Gamepad too sensitive in the menus.
    2. Help me find more!
    • Arrow keys - Movement
    • C / A / S / D keys - Attack & Skill use
    • Space - Zoom-in/out
    • F2 - Restarts game
    • F4 - Full-screen/Window mode
    • M key - BGM change
    Game Menu
    • Enter - Skill Menu
    • ESC  - Pause/Save menu
    • Numpad 0 - Trips the player (or press Ctrl)
    • Numpad 5 - Spawns more random enemies (or press '0')
    • Key '7'      - Enable/disable debug text


    1. Hey, I cant seem to spawn more enemies when pressing numpad 5 or 0, whats up with that?

      1. And how do I access the gallery?

      2. Hi Anon, I must have removed the ability to spawn enemies. To access the gallery, you have to defeat the boss on Round 20. After that, press 'ESC' to access gallery from the menu.

    2. Nice work, datanomy!
      Loving the new boss animation.
      However, BGMs sound a little blur.

      1. Heya, did you mean by all BGMs or just one particular BGM? We're going for the bitcrushed sounds instead of unfiltered quality samples. That means we take a sound sample, reduce the quality before we use it, to simulate the older/retro hardware and games.

      2. =) Happy to see your reply.
        I mean most of them, compared to v 0.90.

    3. Noice :)
      BGMs are good (inter-round one could use a bit more but the whistling you mentioned should do that). Not sure if this is a bug but slimes seem to be in a habit of occasionally killing themselves by wandering/falling out of the arena.
      Keep up the great work!

      1. Yeah the slimes kinda slides around due to their physics. I'll reduce their distance limit from the arena edges :D

    4. So far, you have:
      -not fixed the fact that enemies can hit you from behind when you have a shield, but not the other way around
      -removed the ability to spawn enemies, so that we can see the anims with the enemies that we want
      -removed the ability to heal, other than waiting 30+ seconds while enemies we don't WANT to see the anims for rail us a few times till we get health
      -removed the ability to gain even more health from sex, helping us avoid the previous problem

      I will be pirating your game on principle. Doesn't even feel bad, considering you're using sound effects pulled from a z0ne flash.

      1. Hello Anon,

        - The player and enemies share the same mechanics. This bug is my coding/design flaw in using the physics. I haven't put time into finding a fix/alternative.
        - Control over some aspects were removed, as if actual game. Control over said aspects are returned on unlocking and completing the game.
        - The point of versioning less than v1.00 are to find the balance between limiting game content (demo) and showing enough content.
        - Well I'm glad you enjoyed the game enough (to want to play more). If you could kindly point out the particular sound effects, that would be nice.


    5. Dude, this game is great

      Hope we can see the full version soon, I will definitely buy it!!!

      Good luck!!!

      1. Thanks Unknown! Things are a little slow at the moment. Responsibilities crept up and I have to prioritise them first. Your encouragement helps me every time.

    6. Hm, dunno if I'm just an unlucky bastard or if this is a repeatable but used my spin attack to hopefully ward off Glorbo the slime boss' attack and finish him off, it worked but I had that instance where we both registered as hitting each other and I was sent flying off the edge from around mid-stage, so had to restart all over to beat him... again :(

    7. I don't mean to bring up something not game related, but I just noticed that clicking on Marionette-H on the "other developers" side tab now goes to some freaky virus stuff.... and sometimes Amazon, just figured I'd mention. love the game so far!

      1. Well shit. Nice catch. I think Marionette-H went down. I've editted the list now.

    8. Oh cool.
      I have to unlock everything AGAIN.
      And, you've hidden previously available skills behind a paywall.
      Now that this game is irredeemable, can you go back to Labcoax?

      1. Hey Anon,

        You can always experience the contents on the previous versions. They will continue to be downloadable.

        At the moment you can still edit the savegame.ini at the following path: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\AoA_Game

        I cannot go back to Labcoax at the moment. AoA requires my full efforts.

    9. Good stuff! Needs more H-scenes though but that will happen with time. Good work on creating the gallery!

    10. Hi Datanony, I might be stupid here but where can I purchase the full version of your game?

      1. Heya Health,

        The full version of the game isn't out yet. When it does, it will possibly be on these following platforms:
        1. Another blog
        2. DLsite
        3. Nutaku
        4. Enty
        6. Patreon

        I am still looking for the most convenient way for everyone.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Can't wait for the final release of this game. Latest version was really good, love the new animations.

      Keep up the great work, and eagerly looking forward to when I can purchase the full product.

    13. You're almost done! Don't choke.

    14. I will pass on this game, is not very fun, hope the developer decide to complete Labcoax, that was a very good game.

    15. Your game is so good. keep going on it Datanony.

      btw i want to share some my idea.

      1. how about make naked function in game? when heroine get rape or have sex, naked but when it done, she wore clothes. that's unnatural in my opinion. and many 18+ games have naked or nude appearance functions.

      2. how about make reverse rape attack or dominant animations for common enemies? i think add some new rape attack function can make the game more good. not only knock down function.

      and again, thank you for the great game what you made.

      1. I think he's trying to publish on multiple sites right now so we're probs gonna have to wait on these grate ideas :'d

    16. Any word on your next release or update? :)

    17. Hey just wandered on your game from Vosmug H -> Eromancer and I have a few suggestions.
      A passive on increasing the radius of absorbing honor (experience) would be nice, upgrade would be around 500 pts. as of v0.93
      Shield throw's sensitivity should be a little higher, and cool down should be halved when canceled.
      The game impressed me very much and thought it was already in its released state. Please keep up the great work you're doing so well!

    18. Heyho! Its "kierus 3dstuff looks like crap guy"

      Thank you for making this game the effort you put in this is amazing, you also reminded me of my childhood full of commodore and amiga games, thank you very much!

    19. Just realized you had released v0.93! The game's awesome, you're awesome, keep it up! :)

    20. Wow it's been quite some time... wonder if anything happened.

    21. Hopefully development hasn't died, this is an awesome looking game.

    22. rip in pieces

    23. May his soul lies upon peace with Dot_Slave 3. Amen.