Thursday, 14 March 2013

Character portrait

I thought I'd post something up in case people start to think that I forgot about Labcoax. I'm still working on it, but no longer on a full-time basis (other job in the morning, Labcoax in the late evening), which should explain the slow progress.

Fired up photoshop once again to try and sketch character portraits for possible use in-game. Here's one.
I'm still not certain about how the heroine should look like, reason because I can't seem to find a consistent style I could stick with. For now, I want to try to stick to this style.

Anyway over the past 2 weeks I've been trying to think of how the new game intro should be like (probably some simple still pictures and in-game cutscenes), prepping up the starting room and testing out some text function. I think I might add NPCs and text interaction too, afterall those cutscenes would need some sort of  text. Eng-jap translation would be a pain.

In any case, I hope to finish the starting/new game room and set up the different ammo-type system before I release the next update.