Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July Update - Release v0.4

Procrastination got the better of me but I managed to slap a couple of test areas together and hopefully presented what I wanted to present in v0.4 nicely. Now that's left is just to upload and hope I didn't miss anything out. If I did, I'll come back to re-upload and edit things.

O hai there rat! - LBCX v0.4

Release v0.4 serves to showcase improved tileset texturing, non-dynamic lighting and ammo-changing (there's only one other ammo to change to currently).

Edit #1: Re-uploaded.
> Fixed fat rat hitbox, now no longer float between gaps in platforms.
> Fixed player stuck in slopes after H-animation. Still feels floaty though.
> H-animation no longer obscured by idling enemies.

Edit#2: Added few mirrors to link.
> Flash effect not appearing during climax scene. Fixed.

Download Labcoax v0.4 from [MEGA] [RapidShare] [DepositFiles].
パスワード | Password is the usual 'dtny'. Link also posted to the 'Downloads' section.

Couple of notes:

  • When entering pause screen, you will see things disappearing momentarily. It's a new change, still tinkering. The pause HUD still looks like shit though.
  • Choosing difficulty makes no difference, function not done.
  • Pressing 'L' key disables the screen filter in the lower area.
  • If you found a bug, tell me in the comment section below!
  • It's still July!

Oh and I've also updated and included links to new developers of H-games on the right-hand side, newest links sorted at the top, so be sure to check them out!