Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Let's take a look: Anthophobia and More Sprite Hentai

Anthophobia v0937 - [2015-08-16]

** [2015/11/14] Anthophobia released! [Official blog post]

The hentai zombie survival game Anthophobia had a new public demo! Check it out at Sourjelly's blog for more info. This time up to Version 0937. If you don't wanna wait long between updates, check out their Patreon for regular releases.

Sexual flowers for you!

Demo Download at Sourjelly

What's new:
  • Test version of Female Zombie added!
  • Glowstick added! (Use to direct/order the female zombie)
  • Pause added.
  • Gamepad support added.
The creepy ambient is shaping up nicely, and the tutorial stage also helped a lot. The h-sprite is quite extensive (got start, mid and finish transitions) already for the first few enemies.

I uh ... will be busy running through Anthophobia for some "inspiration" so ... excuse me for a day or two.

In Other News, More Sprite Goodness

Kyrieru - Midna voted for 2nd animation

If you haven't already seen Kyrieru's latest animations, do check them out here where he compiles them into a page. They're part of a Patreon weekly animation challenge he started earlier in July, where anyone can participate/vote/suggest (on-going) for the next character parody animation.

If Zone checked it out, why haven't you?!

End of the Month

I'm hopeful and looking at another public release from Future Fragments at the end of the month. There has been some slight delay as pointed out by HentaiWriter but he says the team will pull through!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

AoA - Progress Report (6)

Hey just wanna post a bit on the development. Just a tiny bit because I haven't made much progress at all this month.

Things I worked on so far:-
  1. One (1) new enemy (seen below gif).
  2. Fixed slime invulnerable when not killed upon Slime-Boss death.
  3. Fixed the avoid death "Survivor" skill.
  4. ...

Here's a quick GIFs :
Whirldwind of death!
Just noticed the whirldwind triggers the shield passive on-hit (it shouldn't trigger the event). More to fix :(

Meanwhile I've been playing around with making some music. Since I have no music background so it is progressing painfully slow. Lots of research, trial & error, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately great fun! Here's something I made but it is clearly amateurish:

Anyway, v0.8 will take a while. I'm looking at the end of this month (August) and you can expect from v0.8:

  1. BGM, hopefully at least two. (!!!!)
  2. Brute enemy.
  3. Better spawn progression (scale to level number).
  4. Really pushing it but AoA could really use a GALLERY
  5. ...