Monday, 19 May 2014

More planning

I've done a few things, mainly re-iterating the 'plans' on the map layout, the skills/augments and ammo-types obtainable in Labcoax. The pickups in game will look like below:-

Differing shot types - obtained from bosses
Player upgrades - obtained from mini-bosses
Map reveals as exploration expands

I've been programming and preparing Labcoax to accomodate the plans, so far so good as I've managed to fix most of the logic errors with my limited testing. What do I mean by plans? I had to revise old plans many times. Plans such as the x number of bosses, the different map zones, placement of upgrades, and then justifiable obstacles that ensure the player don't sequence break and crash the game. The plan is far from final, but it gives me something to work with as I continue to piece this mess together.

After this post, I would be shifting focus to adding some content (as opposed to preparing Labcoax FOR content like past months) like new tilesets.

In the previous post there have been a few comments on the inclusion of key configurations for keyboard and controllers. I think this will have to wait (a long while) until I get to the part where I make the OPTIONS menu.

Not dead. Just not sure what else to post or write about.

It's a long road.