Sunday, 16 November 2014

AoD - Progress report (1)

*Note to self: Regular updates from now!

So I've been working on the pause functionality of the AoD in the past 2 weeks. Drew the background (scroll/parchment looking thing), then planned and coded the pause menu structure. It took some time to figure out the draw coordinates & scale so that the pause menu looks right enough. At the bottom of the HUD will be the skill list of currently equipped skills (3 actives & 3 passives).

AoD's pause menu with some placeholder sprites.
Players can upgrade/equip skills here.

Also added "shields" which offer negation of damage to attacks from the front. After a few hits, the shield will break. Shields can be picked up from killing a shielded enemy without breaking their shield.

Shield protects against frontal attacks from 160deg.

That's about it for the progress since the last post. There's still so much to do!

Next I will work on:-
1. The arena background (it being just black is getting to me).
2. Some active & passive skills.
3. Lust bar (effects still unplanned & may affect certain skills).

I'm still brainstorming on the player skills so if you guys have ideas/suggestions for skills, let me hear it. Examples would be like:-
1. Passive skill: Ego - Do increased damage for next 2 attacks after recovering from a knockdown.
2. Active skill: Shield throw - Throw shield that will ricochet off enemies. Bounces 3 times.
3. Active skill: Charge - Rush forward and knockback enemies.