Friday, 13 September 2013

Damsel Quest

Another western developer AzureZero has recently released a stealth-based hentai platformer Damsel Quest! just about a week ago on both his blog and DL-Site.

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The game features a princess who was captured and imprisoned by dark forces in a castle. Player takes control of the princess and help her escape (or not) the dark forces that seek to do explicit things to her should she be captured. So check out the demo of Damsel Quest is available at AzureZero's blog and support if you wish to see more from him!

Away for the Weekend

It seems Labcoax won't be seeing much coding & spriting action this weekend as I've got to be some place else, which means I'd be without a computer. But that doesn't mean there won't be progress! I'll take the opportunity to complete and  hopefully clear out the plot holes. Remember that there's no written text in-game so the story's gonna be told visually.

And that's pretty much all I have this time. Kinda tired actually.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Pendulum || LoL H-doujin

Alright prepare yourselves for a post to raise awareness of western developers/artist in the hentai scene.

Pendulum - Tower Climber by CheshireCat
Pendulum Screen
Pendulum - Tower climber H-game
A week has passed and I've missed quite the bit in the H scene. A game called "Pendulum" has just been released a couple days ago on the 30th August by CheshireCat.

What is "Pendulum"? In short, it is a tower-climber platformer where you play a bobble-head of a character (let's call him 'Pen') and try to jump to the top of each level featuring monster girls and polar bear facts. Your direction should always be upwards although you'll find yourself falling to your doom often.

As Pen attempt his climbs, there will be naked monster girls randomly placed on platforms and will not hesitate to make his day much harder on him. Monster girls come in 5 forms, Arachne and Wasp being the first two.

Each level has a BGM and theme of their own and as you beat each level on Normal, you unlock H-scenes in the gallery as a reward for reaching the top. After completing each level on Normal, you'll want to up the difficulty to Brutal because beating them also unlocks a different (and better) H-scenes, up to a total of 12 scenes.
Lava bad? No kidding

There are checkpoints within each level, first one at the 180 height, then 600 and gets progressively further. This game is tough as nails, like bloody NES kind of tough but as soon as you reach the top, the satisfaction makes you forget about the hentai in the game. Then you are prompted a H-scene unlock, reminding you, doubling the satisfaction.

Pen caught with pants down
If you need a strategy, listen to the voice when they say lava is bad. Take your time as you climb. Sometimes I do a short jump just to push the view up a little so I could see higher. Then hope girls don't spawn in impossible places :)

I'd say Pendulum is very well made, complete with a very prim & proper menu and game design, and comes off as very presentable in my opinion. So check out Pendulum, try the demo when you get the chance and support if you wanna see more from CheshireCat.

P.S: As of now there's only a PayPal option. DLSite is still processing and will release there soon.

Twisted Intent (Volume-1) - LoL hentai doujin by OptionalWorks

If you remember of Hidden Eden, the artist of said game in development has recently finished an 11-pages parody of League of Legends (LoL) hentai doujin.

The doujin is fully-colored, very nicely drawn featuring Katarina and Warwick Rengar. I'd say it's really worth that you out Optional's work as he/she is very passionate about the trade but is having a hard time to make ends meet.

You can support the artist by buying his/her work at OptionalWorks so there can be a Volume-2!

That's all I have in today's post. It was just mainly to get word out on the involvement of western developers/artists in the hentai scene.

Labcoax development is progressing as usual on my side, occasionally hitting snags but nothing major!