Thursday, 31 July 2014

Post-July Progress

So July is ending and a fully functioning demo* is still far from reach!

What I did (and on-going):-
1. Tilesets
2. Ammo-types shown below
3. First mini-boss (H-animation not done)
4. First boss (intro scene & H-animation not done)

Here's a picture on two of the ammo-types made:-
The floating rock is actually a shield against enemy projectiles.
I understand that Labcoax development is going painfully slow and updates are scarce. I will attempt to power through the next month and put up more updates along the way.

I've been pretty out of touch with the H-platformer scene lately. Maybe y'all can point me to any new development(s)? LAB2 (ULMF link) by nekonomeme was the last I heard.