Sunday, 9 March 2014

2014 March Update - Release v0.5

EDIT#1:Uploaded v0.5b. Check release notes below for changes and bug fixes. Main fix was escaping grapples being too tough.

So many months have past since v0.4, apologies for keeping you waiting for v0.5. I swear I could've given up, but I know nothing good will ever come out of that. Release v0.5 is not a big update, but most of the changes required me to do some refreshing on my codes after being away from Gamemaker for awhile. I hope v0.5 can help tide you fellas over until v0.6.

In a pinch
Labcoax - Alpha v0.5
Labcoax - Alpha v0.5b
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Password:- dtny (パスワード)
Links are also added under the 'Downloads' section.

Release Notes for v0.5b:
  • Slight change in code handling jump-through platforms. Fixed bug of being unable to jump when in contact with jump-through platforms.
  • Aerial enemy 'Poltergeist'.
  • Grapple mechanics changed; now damages-on-struggle-input and loops until player breaks animation.
  • Breaking grapple becomes increasingly harder further into a single loop. Breaking grapple only becomes harder following player inputs for the loop, to encourage attempting escape in one-fell-swoop. New loop resets the escape bar drop rate.
  • Introduced ammo drop and ammo alternate attack. Obtained via lockers.
  • A fresh labcoat has 3 hitpoints, gives 20% damage reduction, is finally useful. Obtained via lockers.
  • Two sets of player sprites: Sprite with labcoat equipped & the other without.
  • Save-point now interactable but save function is not done, serving only as placeholder.
  • Zoom-in/out now for more close-up pixel fun! Just press the  'space' key.
  • Press F3 to cycle through a few window sizes when not under full-screen.
  • Skill list now visible in pause menu.
  • I think pause menu is now prettier.

As usual, couple of notes:
  • When equipped labcoat destroyed, chance to respawn as a new labcoat.
  • Both shotgun shots are the same. They're to tell me I got the functions working.
  • New game & continue game starts the player in the usual test room. Both options are no different for now.
  • Choosing difficulty still makes no difference.
  • Tell me if v0.5 is working for you by voting in the poll to the right (not visible on mobile view)!
  • If you found a bug, tell me in the comment section below!

I'll start putting up projected work that I should aim for the next release so I can look back and be reminded what the hell I was actually suppose to do.

Projected v0.6 release:
> New game intro using timeline.
> Continue building actual levels.
> Event triggers.
> ...
> At least one new enemy.
> Environmental hazards.
> ...

Friday, 7 March 2014

Done some thinkin'

So 'Witch Girl' is out and I'm chugging caffeine
I'd like to know what you fellas think about Witch Girl because I am surprised at the number of sales they're doing. I'm guessing KooooNSoft has plans for releasing future patches with additional stuff since they charged a hefty USD19.00+. I never thought RoR side-scroller to be so popular.

Back on topic...

[the Labcoax progress]
Yet another late blog update, but I'm putting as much time as I possibly can into Labcoax' development. There have been a little running back and forth as I revisited some of the older codes because they were badly coded and were impeding further proper coding. Apart from that, been redoing a few other things:

[the labcoat]
I've decided that there'd be 2 states of the standard player sprites; one with labcoat on and the other without. I'm still deciding what are the bonuses for having equipped a labcoat but as of now, it gives a 20% damage reduction and takes a few hits before being destroyed, from which the heroine will take 100% damage until finding another labcoat. Lockers dispense ammo (for alternate attacks) and labcoats. Enemy grapple destroys labcoat.

[enemy grapple]
In v0.4, enemies will disengage grapple once they climax and drop the heroine before starting over, but I've gotten a few suggestions to make it last indefinitely until player decides to exit the grapple.

Q: Do you think rape grapples should do damage? Should it keep going until player stops the grapple?

I decided I'd complete a short 6-7 panel comic on photoshop because believe it or not, I don't practice much on photoshop if at all. Here's the short comic on Kyrieru recently breaking his stylus, featuring Kuro from Kurovadis. I got lazy half-way coloring.

On the side note ...

Tacokurt created another fanart of Labcoax a couple weeks ago, this time featuring the slime from Labcoax! You can check out his other works at tacokurt@furaffinity (NSFW).
See his previous fanart of Labcoax under the Sketches page.

Also, v0.5 to be uploaded in a day or two - shhhhh