Monday, 12 October 2015

Kimochi, up-and-coming adult games marketplace

Let's talk Kimochi over a cuppa'

What is Kimochi?

Kimochi is an adult games client aiming to improve your adult gaming experience by bringing you the latest adult games into one place. With that, your games can be managed/organized and have them up-to-date without fuss.

Download and try the Beta client.

Kimochi's Progress

Although still in early Beta, the Kimochi team is actively working to expand the number of games. In the past two weeks, the number grew by more than 6 games, bringing the current number up to 19 games so check them out if you haven't!

You can already find a good number of games in the Kimochi client, most notably:-

  • Super Deepthroat by Konashion
  • Pricess / Witch Trainer by Akabur
  • Malise and the Machine by Eromancer
  • Future Fragments by HentaiWriter/CheshireCat/TriangulatePixels
  • Virgin Invader by MenZ Studio
  • ... and many more!

Arena of Audacia happened to be one of the newer additions in their library and will be receiving updates alongside this blog!


Obviously developing something of Kimochi's magnitude require tremendous amounts of work, so communication between the development team and the community is doubly important! Giving feedback will help them know what is it that you truly want in an adult games marketplace.

So follow Kimochi's Twitter for latest client and updates as they continue development. Join the community, provide feedback and freely discuss adult games at the Kimochi forums!


Back to development I go!

Apologies for the lack of updates for AoA. There has been a few changes and additions made that took some head-scratching.