Monday, 12 October 2015

Kimochi, up-and-coming adult games marketplace

Let's talk Kimochi over a cuppa'

What is Kimochi?

Kimochi is an adult games client aiming to improve your adult gaming experience by bringing you the latest adult games into one place. With that, your games can be managed/organized and have them up-to-date without fuss.

Download and try the Beta client.

Kimochi's Progress

Although still in early Beta, the Kimochi team is actively working to expand the number of games. In the past two weeks, the number grew by more than 6 games, bringing the current number up to 19 games so check them out if you haven't!

You can already find a good number of games in the Kimochi client, most notably:-

  • Super Deepthroat by Konashion
  • Pricess / Witch Trainer by Akabur
  • Malise and the Machine by Eromancer
  • Future Fragments by HentaiWriter/CheshireCat/TriangulatePixels
  • Virgin Invader by MenZ Studio
  • ... and many more!

Arena of Audacia happened to be one of the newer additions in their library and will be receiving updates alongside this blog!


Obviously developing something of Kimochi's magnitude require tremendous amounts of work, so communication between the development team and the community is doubly important! Giving feedback will help them know what is it that you truly want in an adult games marketplace.

So follow Kimochi's Twitter for latest client and updates as they continue development. Join the community, provide feedback and freely discuss adult games at the Kimochi forums!


Back to development I go!

Apologies for the lack of updates for AoA. There has been a few changes and additions made that took some head-scratching.


  1. lol no i want to keep my adult game collection as private as possible

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I admit, i would rather keep them privat aswell

      however this project offers something valuable. Hentai game makers dont get the respect they deserve, thats a fact and sad. everyone is yelling at theirs blogs about progression, FASTER, CHEAPER, BETTER is all the what the average visitor is thinking. Many people think that hentai games are free objects as youtube video. thats just a wrong idea of something and makes me wonder if people ever think about things before coying opinions, as many people say that homosexuality is something sick.
      Kimochi gives the producers of hentai games a good base, so that they get paid, feedback and respect

      edit: geez so many typos in my first post, i should get to bet -_- ZzzzZzz

    3. A member of the Kimochi team here - we understand that adult game players care a lot about privacy (I know I do!). How does Kimochi fall short for you when it comes to prviacy?

    4. i am not an expert but the idea is the same as Steam and most likely inspired by that.

      having your games on a platform gives me a different feeling than just on my pc in a folder. i am pretty bad at programming/ advanced computer and network knowledge so i cant tell if there even is any risk of privacy leak but Steam collects informations about your games and you. You are also in a term of service with the maker of kimochi, which might give people a slight feeling of beeing less anonym?

      to be honest even if someone would hack kimochi and collect the informations about what games you own, who cares? what would you do with that informations....yeah

      so i wouldnt mind that platform at all in terms less privacy

    5. It's a web based DRM, there's a server, log-in required, a cloud, i presume? Not only do i want all my stuff stored and launched completely offline, i dont even put it on the same hard drive as all my other stuff.

      "to be honest even if someone would hack kimochi and collect the informations about what games you own, who cares?"

      I care.

    6. We don't have DRM, you do have to log-in (mainly so that we can update the Store with new stuff and let the you know if there are any updates/patches for your games), but when you download a game it's run locally. In fact after downloading/installing you don't have to run it from the client if you don't want to.

      We understand that having a connected client isn't for everybody, but hopefully the benefits of a Steam-like platform outweigh some of the downsides of having to sign in.

  2. To the devs or whatever for Kimochi this isn't going to work. Not only is piracy on the rise for adult games due to people not wanting to leave money trails and all that, but you're essentially offering a Steam-like service just for porn games. It's not going to float at all; now if you looked at and did something like what they do with games coming in with installers, quick marketing, sales, etc then I could see quite the successful business strategy.

    All in all good luck but I sure as hell won't be using it lol and I highly doubt many others will for that matter; also be weary about taking on new games. Datanony had a following with Lab Coax then lost half of them to pursue this silly combat game nobody asked for and sadly he isn't the only one to do it with a major game in development.