Thursday, 12 November 2015

AoA - Progress Report (8)

Heya peeps, here's a few things I'm currently working on:

New H-animation in the works
New enemy "Champion"
After having done the animation above, I have to draw the 2p and 3p variants too. After that comes the H-animations for all enemies for the 3 variants as well.

The enemy "Champion" has quite the HP and isn't slow as you might imagine too despite being armor-clad.

I've also made the following changes:
  1. Now able to hold/charge active skills (alter some properties e.g: Whirl skill, gains a vacuuming effect as per .gif below) but drains stamina.
  2. Skills now activate upon key-release, instead of key-press like before, resulting in some delay of skill activation (side effect of implementing hold/charge; may frustrate some).
  3. ...  
Whirl skill, gains vacuuming effect when charged
I don't think I can make a v0.9 so soon. I'm trying to do a little bit everyday, hopefully I can slowly nick away at the massive amount of work AoA still needs.

orz .... at crawling pace


  1. Nice work. I've been waiting for a long time.
    Here's some suggestions:
    1.Only allows players to upgrade their skills in level clearance. This can keep a good pace of gaming: Battle - Rest and upgrading - battle - Rest and upgrading. Lesser fatigue and boring.
    2.Make the pleasure value play a real role. For example, higher pleasure can improve attack power. But after orgasm, player suffers some debuffs.

    1. Heya Unknown,

      1. Interesting. This may make players look forward to the end of each round. Also makes one think a little harder on skills to equip before going into next round. However, it might frustrate players who wishes to changes skill halfway through the round. I'll definitely look into this one.

      2. I don't know if I would want to make it by default that higher pleasure = increased attack power, for it might be OP and throw balancing off. Perhaps pleasure = speed boost would be better balanced. Right now filling the pleasure bar gives (1) HP. Having to also explain that higher pleasure = increased attack power in the game's low reso may prove difficult. But you're right that the pleasure bar don't play enough of a role in the game. I may introduce a passive skill that alters what pleasure buffs (say instead of speed, buffs stamina regen or even atk power as you said).

      Great suggestions! Got me thinking

  2. Keep doing what you're doing bro! This is a great game and I really appriciate you making it.

    Are you going to do other nonhuman enemies? Like minotaur or orc/ogre?
    (In the future, no pressure, just wondering)

    Great work so far!

    1. Heya Anon,

      I have intent to add nonhuman enemies after v1.00 by themes. As I've explained to /u/doenamedjane below, examples will be like (fantasy) orcs, pigmen and (mythical) minotaur, yeti. Question is, would I be able to make all that while keeping from being burnt out!

      Following the way the sex positions were made for the heroine, nonhuman enemies would likely be bipedal or human-like for the most parts (less of a headache).

      Also, thanks for the encouragement! It helps in keeping me going!

  3. Hello there, your game looks great so far and has a lot of potential. I have two questions though, one may be a bit unexpected:

    a) Do you plan on adding bestiality to it? I'd love to fight hogs, big rats or lions at one point :)

    b) Do you plan (or already have and I didn't see it) a version or option to toggle all h-content off? It is a very fun brawler experience that even without pixel sex would be great to play during a lunch break...

    1. Heya doenamedjane!

      a) I plan to but it would be after v1.00. My intention is to follow a theme of sorts. For now it is humans mostly. Next could be "fantasy creatures" like werewolves, orcs and pigmen. After that could be "mythical creatures" like minotaur, hydra, merman? These are just ideas, but it will depend a lot on my ability to make all that content. Afterall, there's the "normal content" AND the "H-content".

      b) I'm definitely adding the option to toggle adult content on/off but the question is actually how would I implement it. Some workaround would be needed for the AI behaviours when the player is knocked down. For example, melee AIs will still approach a downed player, except they will continue to attack instead of attempting to trigger sex.

      Nothing unexpected at all. No passing of judgement in this space! :)

    2. Thank you for your reply :)

      a) I understand and of course understand that bipedal is easier to implement. Unfortunately, straight human bow-chica-wow-wow is one of the least interesting pairings for me which is why I asked for that. I understand that you probably can't tell at this point, but the mysterious creatures like pigmen, will they be very human (basically "dudes with a rubber mask") or will they be furry-esque versions, like two legged pigs with hooves and digitigrade legs and authentic anatomy and all? I know those are weirdly specific questions, but they are relevant to my interests :D

      for b) that's good to hear. Because even if the h-content is not to my liking, the game is fun and I'd appreciate a "SFW" version that's just the brawler. Changing the h-scene to simply go on attacking could work, maybe add some form of short invincibility so they can't gank you :)

  4. Thanks for the game. Found it on Kimochi and loving it. ^_^

    1. Glad you liked it! When I update AoA here, I'll do the same over at Kimochi, so be rest assured!