Monday, 30 November 2015

AoA - Demo v0.85

See the wooden sign? Hit it.

Download v0.85

File size: ~13MB
Password: aod

One of the big changes for this release is the charging mechanism. I spent a lot of time trying to get it working and giving the skills the appropriate charged properties. And since charging requires you to hold down a button, skills now only activate when you 'release', as opposed to 'pressing' like before (I feel like this may throw people off).

Another big change is the "end of round" handling. Previously one can access the Skill Menu and make changes any time, but now you can only do so after finishing the round. A harmless wooden sign will spawn, in which players will have to destroy to proceed. I figured that after a long hard ROUND of enemies, one would like a breather to test out skills and such.

Tell me what you think about the changes!

Meanwhile I've been playing with Anthophobia since the game was recently released (should be pending for DL Site). And since sprited sex is likely the reason you are here, Anthophobia has tons of them. Seems like they're planning additional content too!

Release Notes - v0.85
  1. Charge mechanism by holding down a respective skill's button.
  2. Skills now activate upon button-release, as opposed to button-press before.
  3. Currently all active skills are charge-able.
  4. New skill 'Parry'.
  5. An enemy 'Jester'. Runs about and pick up loot. Does not rape. Chance to spawn.
  6. Cultist boss now damages player on teleport.
  7. Skills cost less to upgrade now.
  8. Skills can now be reset when at max level if you so wish.
  9. Now only able to access Skill Menu at end of each round.
  1. Nothing happens after ROUND [41]. Restart via Pause Menu (ESC).
  2. Still no BGM!  =(

Known Bugs
  1. You might run into a fatal error (game will abort) stating "instance cannot be found". I have applied some codes to curb this error but I might have missed some parts.
  2. Shield throw sometimes immediately hit the same enemy more than once.

Movement - Arrow keys
Attack - 'C' key
Activate skills - 'A', 'S', and 'D' keys

Space - Zoom-in/out
F2 - Restarts game
F4 - Full-screen/Window mode

Game Menu
Enter - Skill Menu
ESC  - Pause/Save menu

Numpad 0 - Trips the player (or press Ctrl)
Numpad 1 - Gives you 3,000 gold
Numpad 2 - Spawn "bats from cave" effx
Numpad 5 - Spawns more random enemies (or press '0')
Key '7'      - Enable/disable debug text


If you got a feedback, let me hear it in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for the update, I will definitely check it out when I get some free time. Keep up the good work, I love the game so far.

    1. Let me know once you tried it out! Always up for listening to feedback and suggestions!

    2. I played this version of the demo and liked it quite a bit, charging skills is a nice addition and while they were added earlier I should note that I really liked the female enemies' animations and more female enemies would be great <3
      I did encounter a bug where after beating round 1 I was send to round 20-something I do not remember exactly but there were the purple enemies that throw stuff.

    3. Thanks for checking it out! Currently it's not in the plans to add a female enemy until v1.00. AoA's development is kinda pressed for time. Until then, I'll look into adding more female enemies.

      Really weird that you got sent to ROUND 20s after beating ROUND 1. Were you able to repeat it or at least remembered the last few sequence of events that lead up to it? Haven't encountered it myself so it's difficult to know how it happened.

  2. I like the idea of forcing the player to use the menu only at set times; I can't tell you how many times I'd pop in there during a pitched battle, just to buy the next level of health for the free refill!

    I'd suggest, though, maybe making it only available every so often. Having the text pop up and the action stop after every round is a little distracting, especially in the early rounds, when things should really be faster-paced. I'd suggest, say, making the menu available after rounds five and nine (and then fifteen and nineteen, etc.), so you've gotta plan ahead, and are really looking forward to that respite.

    I also have a weird recurring error where the "don't die!" skill is simply locked with a "30" over it. It says it's maxed-out, but I can't assign it to a slot, nor roll it over to reset. I suspect it's because the game is somehow confused by an earlier version's save... But I've tried everything to get rid of the info. I can't even figure out where this version is storing stuff, 'cause when I delete the save and config files, it still gives my character all the same equipment and skills. :/

    Also, that Jester guy seriously needs to attack or something. :) Oooooohhh... Give him a magical attack that reverses all your controls. EVERYBODY loves that old trick. >:) But seriously, if he only showed up every so often, at higher levels, something like that would make it really worthwhile.

    What else... Again, this might be an issue where something's bleeding over from a previous version, but I'm having trouble with the animations available. Seems like if I start the game from a later level, I don't have all the animations unlocked.

    Other than that... Keeps getting better and better! Nice work!

    (Although I do still miss those slimes that could block your attacks. Man, those guys sucked!)

    1. Heh... I had to go back and find the post I'd made before, about where the computer stores stuff. Let's see if clearing that takes care of some of the problems!

      And just for everybody who might need to find it: AoD (Why isn't it AoA, anyway?) stores stuff at: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\AoD_Alpha2

    2. Heya cthulhu,

      I understand what you mean but having menu accessible during multiples of ROUND 5s and 9s might be confusing because it's a weird pattern. I think what I could do is shorten the intervals more between "end of round" and "start of next round" while also spawning the "next" sign right next to the player. Hopefully with this I could tone down the said distraction to tolerable levels.

      Thanks for the bug report. Did editing the save file helped? The number 30 was actually suppose to mean you have to beat ROUND [30] (and save the game) to have it unlocked for use. You might have previously already have the skill leveled before v0.85 before the round limits were introduced.

      The jester currently stay on arena until killed. He was suppose to go back into the ground by design (not yet implemented), after stealing your stuff. Reversing player direction is definitely fun to experiment. I'll be saving this one for later.

      Yeah sorry about the AoD / AoA thing. I started this project calling it 'AoD' because I only briefly thought of calling it "Arena of Decadence" but promptly changed it to AoA partway. Since then I haven't changed the name of the project folder; the reason why it's still AoD.

      Welp, you won't have to worry about it once it reached v1.00 or when it comes out of Alpha :D

    3. Yeah, once I cleaned out the old save data, everything was better. The "unlock at level 30" confused me, since I thought the skill had a 30-second cooldown, so it looked like it was frozen at the start of the cooldown timer. :)

      I never noticed that the jester was stealing stuff, 'cause there usually wasn't anything around for him to steal. Having him pop in and out of the ground to grab goodies could be a pretty nifty trick, though, especially for players like me who try to leave a spare shield floating around the arena.

      Keep up the good work! :D

    4. Ah I realise I didn't address your 'animation unlocked' part. It keeps appearing because you haven't saved. I think for the next update, I'll be making it save automatically every time the game is exited.

  3. Idea: the jester runs around taking loot so the player doesn't get it, right? If you are planning to have it not rape, how about it does something in-theme with the loot stealing when the player is knocked down? Maybe it comes over and rifles the player's pockets? Maybe it tickles the player, so it can "steal" from their arousal bar?

    1. Actually the gold he picked up adds into his gold drop when he dies, effectively making a running vacuum. However, shields get destroyed when picked up.

      Jester's behaviour on player knockdown is still undecided, but the idea of stealing from your pockets is an interesting one. *Notes down

  4. Hey, I love your game. Here's an idea you probably heard before. :P
    A sex skill tree.
    What it can do is a range of things. You can do a passive skill to make arousal go higher. You can make it give more health every time you orgasm. You could even do a skill that makes the rape an attack, a different version instead of hitting them in the face. A hard thing you could do but you really don't need to do is make animations of the main character dominating when sex attack. You would have to do more animations though.
    I'm just some guy on the internet though. You still have an amazing fun game.

    1. Some guy on the internet? Why that's just like me!

      A sex skill tree might be too big an addition and change to the game's core. Currently sex's purpose right now is only granting health on orgasm. I may look into having a skill that adds to the purpose but not a skill tree :/

      Similarly, a rape attack would be much work as you pointed out. I thought of having the player dominate (rev-rape) bosses on defeating them but this is still an idea. I have to prioritize other stuff first.

    2. Thanks for taking the time to listen to me!
      As I understand, you're just a human, it's fine and u du wut u du.
      I hope only good wishes on your game.

    3. Yeah progress has slowed in this last month. Damnnn holidays and my procrastination.

      I should trade my brains for a cybernetic one.

  5. Really like the wooden sign thing after every round, gives it a nice arena feel

  6. Hiya!

    Maybe you shouldn't make the game auto-save, 'cause I like to try to start from scratch every time. No gold, no skills, etc. :P So I just close out when I'm done instead of using the menu to exit.

    Also... um... I can't figure out how to set skills to the passive slots. Can't for the life of me remember how it worked in the previous versions... It's true! I've been neglecting the beta test here! I've been playing Sakyubasu no Tatakai II for the past couple months! I'm so sorrrry! ;)

    1. I could add an option for "autosave" in the menu so no problem.

      You have to switch tabs at the top of the skill menu. You'll see 3 tabs, for active, passive and configuration

    2. I see that, but there's no apparent way to set the skills themselves into the little circular slots that map them to keys (or "equip" them, for passive skills). If I hit the... yep, it's the 8 key, it will autoselect some skills for me, even though I have not bought them and they're set to level zero. Other than that, I can't make those circles fill up at all. :(

    3. If you look at the passive skill's description under "Type", it'll say "Passive equip" or "Passive only". The former is equip-able while the latter cannot be 'equipped' (is active all the time).

      A picture for reference; with 3 passives equipped.

      The "8 key" is debug option for me. I'll remove it next release :D
      I hope I didn't misunderstood your question.

    4. Derp derp! Thanks so much; I can't believe I forgot all this stuff. :P

      And now, to go find my brain.

  7. question:
    i'm new to playing this game and i really liked it but i encountered a problem, i was changing the keyboard controls for the skill when i pressed "arrow down key" for my 3rd skill, now when i am changing it back the cursor doesn't go down, hence i can't change my 3rd skill button. question is, how can i reset my controls? because whenever i press down it activates my 3rd skill

    1. Heya jude, sorry for the late response. To default the controls, go to C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\AoD_Alpha2 and change the [keyboard] section of the config.ini file to:-

      I hope that helped! If you still couldn't fix it, delete the config.ini file. When you run the game, it will create a new one with default values.

  8. Thanks for updating, I like your game.
    I have a question, how can i see the animations I've unlocked, is pressing ctrl the only way to see them? Sorry i'm poor in english.

    1. Hey Unknown, you're right, there's no way to see what animation has been unlocked just yet. The UI is really lacking for now. I'll make it so taht it shows the unlocked animation in the future.

      Also, if you were talking about a 'animation gallery', it's also work in progress. You probably won't see it so soon though, earliest v1.0!

    2. That's nice! By the way, I feel a little bit difficult while playing...

    3. Hey Tuttivan, if you can explain the difficulties you encountered, I can gauge and adjust the game's difficulty by the next release or so. Some enemies may require balancing and such.

  9. Hello Datanony !

    Love your game.
    I found out about it yesterday and it has been a long time since last a had a blister on the thumb from working the gamepad too hard.

    I ran into a bug that gave the following error :
    action number 1
    of Destroy Event
    for object obj_player_rush:

    Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get 174348.SKL_CHG(100436, -2147483648)
    at gml_Object_obj_player_rush_Destroy_0
    It happened while i did NOT have the rush/charge skill but was holding down a swipe, having "don't die" level 2 ready and getting bumped out of the arena.
    I saw my character charge to the center of the arena then the code error poped-up.

    situation is so specific that i actually didn't try to reproduce it, but i suppose it must have something to do with the order in which loops checks for which skills activate in such a situation.

    Other than that if you could map the controls so it's possible to bind the analog stick to directions when using a (pretty standard) gamepad, that would be great. (if at all possible, i know the pad is made of buttons while the sticks are made of axis)

    Also, i like the suggestion someone made about a new skill tree for sex yet fully understand the answer you made. Well, there's tons of other easily implemented skills you could introduce to fill up a third tree (wider range to attract shields/coins/health, bonus coin progression, regained health on sex based on number of participants, bonus % to coins picked up).

    Anyway, way too long a post already. Have fun, what you're doing is Great !

    1. Hey Anon, apologies for the late response.

      Ah I see. I have an inkling idea on the bug. I'll check it out and hopefully having it fixed by next release. Have been neglecting the passive skills since putting in the 'charge' mechanics for active skills. Passive skills that actives an active skill (rush, whirl, etc) will face similar bug. Can't believe I totally forgot about this!

      Can you tell me what controller are you using? I swear I (explicitly) bound movement to the left analog stick (d-pad for movement is extra). Try to enter the skill menu (via Enter button) and at the tab, pick the green banner with the spanner. There you can config gamepad. I suggest using the keyboard to navigate the menus, since navigating them using the gamepad is still broken (too sensitive).

      The game's UI is pretty compact and filled, so I gotta be picky on the skills I include, lest I run into the problem of cluttered UI. Of course, the baaad UI design is also my folly. BUT you suggested some very interesting skills. Imma notes down

      If you never tried AoA, I would never have realised the bug you mentioned! Many thanks!

  10. The game definitely needs to have either cheaper skills or increasing monetary awards, because it's difficult to access enough currency to even get level 1 of certain skills, never mind upgrading skills they already have.

    Additionally, the fact that the stamina gauge has no cooldown before it begins refilling after using a charged attack makes it really easy to spam charged attacks. I don't believe setting it at the same rate of cooldown as being damaged causes would be too imbalancing, considering that charged attacks already take such a small amount of stamina to activate to begin with.

    On the subject of skills, apart from the little perks that charged attacks offer, they all feel weak outside of the shield throw. I'm not sure how much damage the run or whirlwind attack actually do, but it's not enough for me to consider using them for very long. The whirlwind attack was replaced by the invulnerability buff for me, and the run move is used only in its charged variant in order to knock enemies off the field; actual damage is pointless.

    Apart from these gripes, rather enjoyable at the moment.

    1. I agree to your points. Feedbacks such as this will help me greatly with balancing.

      I will be cheapening the costs of skills with the next release. Bosses also drop much more gold now as reward, on top of unlocking skills for use.

      Many have pointed out the underwhelming stamina use as well. I am experimenting with increasing stam consumption & decreased stam regen rate for next release.

      I can control the balance of skills via cooldown duration, hitbox and the like. Admittedly shield throw is too strong with the short cooldown and high DMG even when piercing (will tone this down). My design was for a variety of atk, defense & escape skills. The run only does knock back and no damage (no blood pixels) as it also doubles as repositioning tool (to be of use against boss with AoE).

      Thanks for playing! Hopefully AoA will continue to see changes for the better.