Thursday, 31 January 2013

Month-end Update - January

Development is progressing but the process has slowed a whole lot since the last month, as you might expect. In the past few weeks I've:

  1. Prepared the main menu template where you can navigate between new game, load game and exit game (but of course, the functionality have not been implemented).
  2. Boss-room, the background and a boss, no H-animation yet.
  3. Heroine now able to drop-through jump-through platforms by pressing 'down' and 'jump'.

And problems! These are the few known issues regarding Labcoax v0.2 that affect some people:-
  1. Game errors out and requires closing when game is launched.
  2. Game launches but resources could not be loaded, giving only the background on screen and nothing else.
  3. Pressing 'enter' key to bring up the pause menu crashes the game.
I need more feedback to estimate the extend of these problems so I've added a poll to the right, where you can vote and tell me if v0.2 worked just fine or is experiencing one of the problems above. I hope it's not extensive but hey, surprise me.

EDIT#1: Feel free to list down any other issues that I might have missed in the comments.