Wednesday, 16 September 2015

AoA - Demo v0.8

Triple teamed!
Download v0.8

File size: ~12MB
Password: aod

*try this first (if possible), a 3rd-party plugin for Dropbox for DL count tracking

I present you v0.8! Sorry this took so long. I went back and forth with trying to make BGMs and as a result, I had backlogged lots of things. Unfortunately I still couldn't make a satisfactory one yet, so no BGM still. The 3rd H-animation took lots of time because every enemy has 3 different sprites and got me kinda burnt out. Clearly lacking in front facing positions, I went with the position above. I liked how the animations turned out, hope you peeps enjoy it too!

I've also tweaked the enemy spawn progression. Introduction of new enemy types should make sense now, following the increasing ROUND. As always, I'll be counting on you all to help me test them out!

Release Notes - v0.8
  1. New 3rd player H-animation.
  2. New enemy Brute.
  3. Rounds go up to ROUND [41].
  4. Enemy spawn progression tweaked. Spawning should make sense following the round levels now.
  5. Change in Pause Menu UI.
  6. You can now 'Restart' and select rounds with Pause Menu (ESC).
  1. Nothing happens after ROUND [41]. Restart via Pause Menu (ESC).
  2. Still no BGM!  =(

Known Bugs
  1. You might run into a fatal error (game will abort) stating "instance cannot be found". I have applied some codes to curb this error but I might have missed some parts.
  2. Shield throw sometimes immediately hit the same enemy more than once.

Movement - Arrow keys
Attack - 'C' key
Activate skills - 'A', 'S', and 'D' keys

Space - Zoom-in/out
F2 - Restarts game
F4 - Full-screen/Window mode

Game Menu
Enter - Skill Menu
ESC  - Pause/Save menu

Numpad 0 - Trips the player (or press Ctrl)
Numpad 1 - Gives you 3,000 gold
Numpad 2 - Spawn "bats from cave" effx
Numpad 5 - Spawns more random enemies (or press '0')
Key '7'      - Enable/disable debug text


If you got a feedback, let me hear it in the comments below!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

AoA - Progress Report (7)

Hey everyone, apologies for the late updates again.

New H-animation in progress
I was all over the place for the most parts of progress. First was creating the new enemy, making a new H-animation, coding the gallery (half-done), then there's making the BGM. At some point I got lost for a bit.

Unfortunately, I'm having zero inspiration and is stuck on the BGM part. Still trying to figure out a style of music for AoA. Here's another random piece put together when playing around:

Then there's a revision on the precious piece here:

So I'll put up v0.8 in a few days but there won't be much in it:-

  1. No BGM still! Figuring style.
  2. (1) new animation.
  3. (1) new enemy.
  4. Rebalanced enemy progression (spawning).
  5. ...