Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mediafire woes, thus v0.3

EDIT#2: My Mediafire link has been disabled. It's Mega for me now.
EDIT#1: Added Mediafire link alongside Mega in downloads page. Grab it while it's still up!

You know you're in for a fun day when you get an e-mail from Mediafire (MF). Well, make it 2 e-mails. Sigh ...

If you've noticed, the MF links to both the v0.2 and v0.2 re-up have been removed due to violation of MF's terms of use. I only wished they tell me exactly what the violation was. So there's that, I don't see a better time to try out Mega Beta.

Unfortunately I didn't keep a copy of v0.2, so I'd have to release v0.3, which is unplanned for. What you would see in v0.3:-

  1. Tileset testing (Ignore the red dots, they're there to serve as reference for me).
  2. Just 2 extra sprite frames for 'getting-up' animation.
  3. Drop-through jump-through platforms by pressing 'Down + Jump'.

At the same time, I'll also be having a separate .exe "v0.3 Debug". This version is for those who had previously failed to run v0.2 re-up. What is different in "v0.3 Debug" is that there will be no dynamic memory allocation, because I think that's where the problem lies. What that means is, Debug won't have:

  1. The pause menu.
  2. Leveling-up menu. (You'd still level-up, just that you can't allocate the stats)

The results of the poll showed that 16 out of 278 people encountered issue(s) with v0.2. Try the debug version. If it still doesn't work, it could be that GM:Studio exports just isn't working for you. GM:Studio is still getting bug patches and is recently able to export stand-alone .exe. Trying out this export for v0.3.
Notify me in the comments if you are getting the same error.

I apologize about the lack of updates but things are going really slowly at my side.

Here's the Mega link to both versions of v0.3: Labcoax - Alpha v0.3 + Debug
Password is dtny.
Also posted to downloads page.

Notify me in the comments if Mega links doesn't work for you.