Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mediafire woes, thus v0.3

EDIT#2: My Mediafire link has been disabled. It's Mega for me now.
EDIT#1: Added Mediafire link alongside Mega in downloads page. Grab it while it's still up!

You know you're in for a fun day when you get an e-mail from Mediafire (MF). Well, make it 2 e-mails. Sigh ...

If you've noticed, the MF links to both the v0.2 and v0.2 re-up have been removed due to violation of MF's terms of use. I only wished they tell me exactly what the violation was. So there's that, I don't see a better time to try out Mega Beta.

Unfortunately I didn't keep a copy of v0.2, so I'd have to release v0.3, which is unplanned for. What you would see in v0.3:-

  1. Tileset testing (Ignore the red dots, they're there to serve as reference for me).
  2. Just 2 extra sprite frames for 'getting-up' animation.
  3. Drop-through jump-through platforms by pressing 'Down + Jump'.

At the same time, I'll also be having a separate .exe "v0.3 Debug". This version is for those who had previously failed to run v0.2 re-up. What is different in "v0.3 Debug" is that there will be no dynamic memory allocation, because I think that's where the problem lies. What that means is, Debug won't have:

  1. The pause menu.
  2. Leveling-up menu. (You'd still level-up, just that you can't allocate the stats)

The results of the poll showed that 16 out of 278 people encountered issue(s) with v0.2. Try the debug version. If it still doesn't work, it could be that GM:Studio exports just isn't working for you. GM:Studio is still getting bug patches and is recently able to export stand-alone .exe. Trying out this export for v0.3.
Notify me in the comments if you are getting the same error.

I apologize about the lack of updates but things are going really slowly at my side.

Here's the Mega link to both versions of v0.3: Labcoax - Alpha v0.3 + Debug
Password is dtny.
Also posted to downloads page.

Notify me in the comments if Mega links doesn't work for you.


  1. Mediafire took some files of me down too, this just happened today.
    Kyrieru posted on his blog that this happened to him too.

    I'm a bit curious about one thing:
    Did you place a password on your files, the download, or both?
    (if I recall correctly, you had a password on some of your files)

    Weird thing is... that mediafire didn't delete all my files, though it's pretty easy to guess that files with a similar file-name could be the same file...

    Anyway, I'm thinking about switching to a different file-hosting service.
    (not sure yet, where I should go to, maybe to mega)

    1. I've only placed a password for the .zip archive that holds my executables. As a matter of fact, all my archives that I've uploaded are password protected. Real curious as to how they get to the content, then saying I'm violating terms. I dunno but I'm thinking someone probably reported.

      MF didn't delete all my files either, just the v2.0 and v2.0 re-up. Was too busy fixing up my own links before heading to Kyrieru's so I didn't know it was so widespread.

      I'm on mega, though still figuring out how to check download count for my uploaded files.

    2. Thanks for the information.
      Well, if I'm not mistaken, you haven't had any CGs in your game so far?
      (I must admit that I haven't tried out the new version yet... as always I'm too busy with my own stuff >_<)

      And the ingame graphics shouldn't be something mediafire should be upset with, I guess?
      (since you can't see that much "forbidden stuff" on the pixel-art)
      Combined with the fact, that your files are password protected and all...

      So yeah, I guess someone reported it all along.

    3. Well you're not missing much in the newer update, couldn't get 'round to put in other stuff. Nope, no CGs at all at the current time.

      Or Mediafire could just be removing downloads found to be linked to "questionable" sites & have quite the download count, just for the heck of it.

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  3. Mega doesn't work for me. The file gets to 31% loaded and then stops. Mega tries to retry and just keeps failing. It could be just me, but I'll keep trying.

  4. How about filesmelt.com?



  5. same anon. forget the above post

  6. Is it just me or does the menu not work for anyone? It'll open and I can navigate up and down, but I can't select anything or upgrade. Might be because I'm on a laptop (no number pad)

    1. Ah try pressing 'z' key at the respective stat that you want upgraded. Note that the DEF stat still does nothing.

  7. Wow, great job on the game so far! I still remember the first demo you put up on ULMF, and while this is still lacking in content for an actual demo, I can see you've made great strides! The sprites while the character gets up is a good touch as well.

    Just a couple of suggestions for now:

    1. Maybe make it possible to aim upwards? If the weapon is going to be a gun then I think being able to do this would definitely be helpful for the player in certain situations, especially if you decide to add floating enemies.

    2. I thought breaking out of the grapples was a little too easy. Maybe make it harder as the hero has less health?

    Those are just my comments; take them as you will. Anyways, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Could really use them at the moment :D
      Now it's no demo until it's got a main menu to boot, the game 'Intro' and playable levels up to the first boss at the least!

      As for your suggestions:-

      1. Well, I plan to have 4 ammo types to go about in the game. One of them would be ideal for anti-air.

      2. I can do that.

  8. this game looks interesting, and I shall be watching it. If I knew anything about game making, I'd offer to assist.

    Now, some suggestions:

    1: Different sexual positions depending on where your facing.

    2: A submit option might be interesting, opening up the character to screw her way out instead (but be careful, or your mind'll break and you'll want nothing but sex) tied into this, enemies should have a cool down of some sort after they screw you (perhaps they move away, not interested in you for a few seconds)

    3: It might be neat to add in some text for when she's getting screwed, especially if you added a submit option.

    Will be following this, look forward to the next update.

  9. I'm getting about thirty seconds in (25-39 %) then the download stops with an unrecoverable Decryption error

    1. Try the Mega link with Chrome browser, because I will mostly be using Mega from now on. Anyway I've uploaded an MF link for your convenience. I just hope it stays up.

  10. Thanks for the update, really interested in seeing where you'll make this go.

  11. could I get the pass to open the file?

    1. Password is dtny and will remain the same until otherwise stated.