Thursday, 22 November 2012

Start your engines

I've put together a little demo of how 'Labcoax' will be like, gameplay-wise. I intend for it stages or levels to be inter-linked, allowing for very smooth transitions between them. It'll adopt the style that is Metroidvania, though not exactly.

Here's the link to Labcoax05 - 2012/11/22. File is zipped and the password is: dtny
The same link can also be found in 'Download(s) page' on the right, a page intended to hold more links that are to come.

In 'Labcoax', you play a heroine scientist who works in this bio-lab when one day, a bio-disaster happened, letting loose monsters and test subjects imbued with an insatiable sexual drive by said disaster. The lab's security system kicks-in and quarantines itself, effectively locking the monsters/test subjects and you in it. Your goal is to escape...

At least that's how the story currently stands.

I know, I know it's lacking background and tile sets. The engine or grapple system was a little more complex that I had imagined, taking up the precious time that I'm already currently lacking. Will get to putting tile sets together, hopefully being able to put together stages or levels at the same time.

Hopefully I would be updating more regularly starting now. You may "Follow development" so you get the latest updates. Meanwhile, I gotta eat something.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I promised pixel-on-pixel last week. I am still unsure going about doing these animations. If I would to have unique pixel-on-pixel animations for each enemy, there's gonna be a lot of work. Meanwhile if I go about have set animations of the heroine being done from behind/front/top/bottom/many, it'll be easier, and the extra time spent elsewhere to better the game. (Not to mention the game finish development faster too)

There you go. Still doing the slime AI, should have an executable up in a day or two ... no promises though.