Saturday, 21 June 2014

Configurable Controls - Finally

Writing Japanese in such low res is hard
So I've added keyboard-config & gamepad support. GM:S newer gamepad functions only works with newer controllers (using Xinput), but in hopes of making Labcoax compatible with older gamepads (using DirectInput), I've added the older functions. I've tested the old functions but i'll need to get a new controller to test the newer Xinput functions.

Programming the input configurations took a good amount of time. The UI too. It'd be great if I could know some of your go-to control schemes for platformers. Example below:

Directions: Up, down, left and right  (Up in Labcoax is an 'interact with objects' button)
Shoot: Primary attack
Jump: Self-explained
Weapon/Ammo change: Switching between 4-5 different shot types
Skill/Evasion: For maneuvers like backhop and etc.


Direction: Up, down, left and right arrow buttons
Shoot: C key
Jump: X key
Weapon/ammo change: V key
Skill/Evasion: Z key

Gamepad (modify button names as per your controller e.g. PS2/3, XBOX, ... )

Direction: D-pad
Shoot: [ ] button
Jump: X button
Weapon/Ammo change: Triangle button
Skill/Evasion: O button

Though it doesn't really matter what schemes since it'll be configurable via menu options, I just wanna see if some of you might have crazy configurations. Crazy configurations give rise to possible scenarios in which my configurations handler would fail.

*Note: From what I've gathered, GM:Studio's latest gamepad support functions (for Xinput) is most compatible with XBOX controllers. For everything else, there may be a need to emulate your non-XBOX controllers as XBOX controllers using programs like xbox360ce and the like.

P.S: My translation is shit