Saturday, 5 September 2015

AoA - Progress Report (7)

Hey everyone, apologies for the late updates again.

New H-animation in progress
I was all over the place for the most parts of progress. First was creating the new enemy, making a new H-animation, coding the gallery (half-done), then there's making the BGM. At some point I got lost for a bit.

Unfortunately, I'm having zero inspiration and is stuck on the BGM part. Still trying to figure out a style of music for AoA. Here's another random piece put together when playing around:

Then there's a revision on the precious piece here:

So I'll put up v0.8 in a few days but there won't be much in it:-

  1. No BGM still! Figuring style.
  2. (1) new animation.
  3. (1) new enemy.
  4. Rebalanced enemy progression (spawning).
  5. ...


  1. Damn, I really like that first one. Sounds great, really solid piece.

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. It's a bit repetitive though

    2. That first song is great! Like the second one too, though. Both are good stuff.

      Super excited about the update! I know it's small, but still. I'm always happy to see more. Keep it coming!

  2. Damn fine music! Maybe your next game should be cyber/technology themed, since it seems like you're able to do soundtracks for that easily.
    The trumpets in the beginning of the experiment04 mesh pretty well with the game I think. Ever heard of Vindictus? It's a action mmo game with epic-style soundtracks on many of its bosses, and that semi-classical feel might serve as inspiration.

    1. Using the electric guitar is like cheat mode since they sound good easily!

      Went to have a listen to the Vindictus OST. I've only played the game a little, but the soundtrack for Glas Ghaiblean and Keaghan is pretty epic, especially Keaghan's transformed phase where it really picks up. They're way intense for AoA though!

    2. The music I'd figure would have more epic/orchestra for the type of theme it has but I guess you're attempting to fit with the art style of old school?