Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Let's take a look: Anthophobia and More Sprite Hentai

Anthophobia v0937 - [2015-08-16]

** [2015/11/14] Anthophobia released! [Official blog post]

The hentai zombie survival game Anthophobia had a new public demo! Check it out at Sourjelly's blog for more info. This time up to Version 0937. If you don't wanna wait long between updates, check out their Patreon for regular releases.

Sexual flowers for you!

Demo Download at Sourjelly

What's new:
  • Test version of Female Zombie added!
  • Glowstick added! (Use to direct/order the female zombie)
  • Pause added.
  • Gamepad support added.
The creepy ambient is shaping up nicely, and the tutorial stage also helped a lot. The h-sprite is quite extensive (got start, mid and finish transitions) already for the first few enemies.

I uh ... will be busy running through Anthophobia for some "inspiration" so ... excuse me for a day or two.

In Other News, More Sprite Goodness

Kyrieru - Midna voted for 2nd animation

If you haven't already seen Kyrieru's latest animations, do check them out here where he compiles them into a page. They're part of a Patreon weekly animation challenge he started earlier in July, where anyone can participate/vote/suggest (on-going) for the next character parody animation.

If Zone checked it out, why haven't you?!

End of the Month

I'm hopeful and looking at another public release from Future Fragments at the end of the month. There has been some slight delay as pointed out by HentaiWriter but he says the team will pull through!


  1. Meh Kyrieru had a nice game going but looks like he's too focused on animated loops.
    Future Fragments had one thing going for it over other games; great sprites. Otherwise was generic rape platform.
    Anthophobia now that I watched for a while, while the art is bad and gameplay is generic rape platform it has a nice atmosphere over others.

    Too bad no one wants to do something less over saturated let alone good details. Then again that would be RPG Maker garbage, bleh! Adult games just suck worse than mobile stuff, never changes.

    1. "Join us devs! Be the change you want to see!" - me, ripoff quote

      As with everything, it takes time to make and improve upon. Then again, most talented devs would want a stable, safe (from social stigma) job than work on a h-game that might not work out (even if it does, not sure it'll look nice in resume). So they all do it as a side/hobby, at least I do. Also, moral values change overtime.

      On the contrary, I would say adult gaming is actually gaining ground a bit. Now we have Malise and the Machines, Future Fragments, Ghost Hunter Vena and Crisis Point, all still undergoing development. This is better than ever! I believe once these goes out and if heads turn, will attract more attention, which in turn brings more quality adult games into the fray.

      Its hard work, but it's looking better.

    2. Hey, just had to interject (to reply to the anon) If you're talking about details, Future Fragments does already have 25 pages of storyline in just the demo alone, the full game will have at least 10-15 cutscenes all fully voiced/animated, as well as 125 pages of storyline, so forth; if you want details and actual depth in storyline, I don't think you'd be hurting for it with FF :P

      I'd say AoA is also definitely a "non-saturated" game, I've never seen any other h-game that has the same mechanics as it, so I think you just might be exaggerating things a bit about "adult games sucking" universally or "no one wants to do something less over saturated", lol.

      Also, just because the CONCEPT is the same in a game, doesn't mean it's not worth looking at; adult games are improving and integrating the hentai content more fluidly in the games as time goes on, making them more legitimate games rather than "hold down right and press attack to see gallery" games like Angel Girl or Witch Girl, etc.

    3. A lot of eyes are on FF right now. If it releases, I have no doubt it will turn heads.

      Side-scrolling H-games have a pretty big impact I think. After all, games like Jungle/Demon Girl and LegendOfKrystal did give birth to amazing forum communities like ULMF and LoK. I guess Shinobi/Angel/Witch Girl has been done one too many times, but there's no denying they executed it well by having clean UI, quality animations, amazing voice acting and additional game updates/content.

      Damn, I feel like making a tribute to LineMarvel's Demon Girl :/

  2. So many great H-games coming out. The waiting is KILLING MEEEEEEEE! I'm particularly excited for Anthophobia (I love what I've played), Noaika, Crisis Point Extinction, and Parasite in City 2 (Whenever that's coming out.) I tried Future Fragments, but it just hasn't grabbed me yet. Maybe when more is available!

    In all honesty, though, AoA (Or is it AoD?) might be my most anticipated. I don't know quite what it is about the game, but I find it incredibly satisfying (In, uh, more than one way, HUR HUR!). I love the art, I like the sound. It's got a good challenge going for it. And I really like the heroine! It's just a good ol' time, and I'm super excited for whenever the next release is. Hoping for some more animations, but I'll be happy with whatever I can get. Keep it up!

    I hate to be that guy, but...uh...when can we expect next release? I'm just so excited about it!

    1. Have you tried Vosmug's (who made Xenotake) latest game 'Ghost Hunter Vena'? Currently in development but he's got a demo up, you should check it out if you haven't. Also, there's 'Blitz Angel Spica', a upcoming Mahou Shoujo beat-em-up by Erobotan but I haven't yet gotten time to cover it.

      I'm glad you like AoA (Arena of Audacia now)! That's some high praise, I don't know if AoA deserve it in its current unfinished state.

      I've been trying to get inspiration to make the game BGM but it is not going swimmingly at all so progress there is stuck. On the other hand I've been working on the 3rd animation (I'll put a post up soon) and setting up a 'Gallery' option too. If I put up v0.8, it will be without BGM still as I want to work on the BGMs some more.

      I'll say give me another 3-4 days for v0.8, but I don't trust myself with estimates anymore!