Saturday, 15 August 2015

AoA - Progress Report (6)

Hey just wanna post a bit on the development. Just a tiny bit because I haven't made much progress at all this month.

Things I worked on so far:-
  1. One (1) new enemy (seen below gif).
  2. Fixed slime invulnerable when not killed upon Slime-Boss death.
  3. Fixed the avoid death "Survivor" skill.
  4. ...

Here's a quick GIFs :
Whirldwind of death!
Just noticed the whirldwind triggers the shield passive on-hit (it shouldn't trigger the event). More to fix :(

Meanwhile I've been playing around with making some music. Since I have no music background so it is progressing painfully slow. Lots of research, trial & error, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately great fun! Here's something I made but it is clearly amateurish:

Anyway, v0.8 will take a while. I'm looking at the end of this month (August) and you can expect from v0.8:

  1. BGM, hopefully at least two. (!!!!)
  2. Brute enemy.
  3. Better spawn progression (scale to level number).
  4. Really pushing it but AoA could really use a GALLERY
  5. ...


  1. Great enemy design! Love the idea of having a variety of one trick ponies, something like the way smash TV works, but hopefully the bosses get more love than that :D
    Music sounds cool and smooth. This brought up the topic of music style for the game. It's hard to really get what would fit in the environment. I'd thought it would be cool to have an ambient crowd that cheers during big damage hits and somesuch, ala Oblivion arena.
    Music is used to help immerse the player in the environment. Kyrieru's spooky zones use ominous music, but when non-musical ambience can work just as well, I think its definitely an option.

    1. Glad you liked the random mashed together music. Regarding music style for the game, I honestly haven't a clue what would fit best. My take is orchestral/chiptune (thus the use of beeps & horn experiment above) at about 110 to 130 bpm because the game pace isn't really fast. Or I could go medium speed orchestral or JP RPG-like instead. I'd like to hear your suggestion though!

      As for ambient sounds, it might not be fitting to use them independently. As I imagine it, it being akin to a tennis game (it gets really quite between serves) wouldn't be for an action RPG would it? It would seem amazing ambient sounds only work for spooky zones or gripping/survival horror situations. Games like Teleglitch, Don't Starve are few that comes to mind; where listening intently to the ambience might save your skin. BUT of course, I'll throw in a couple more crowd cheers to liven things.

  2. I love this BGM lol >.< it reminds me early stage of platforming games and Bar/Item shop BGM of RPG

    1. Eh? I didn't have a clear direction of where the music would go. Feels kinda sci-fi due to the e.guitar :/

  3. I havent checked here in a long time. Is the boss with the dogs you spoke of in any of the demos so far?

    1. Unfortunately Ki, not yet :(

      Still have lots to do so it looks like I might have to add them later, perhaps even as added content after v1.0.