Friday, 13 September 2013

Damsel Quest

Another western developer AzureZero has recently released a stealth-based hentai platformer Damsel Quest! just about a week ago on both his blog and DL-Site.

[Image removed in compliance with Blogger terms]

The game features a princess who was captured and imprisoned by dark forces in a castle. Player takes control of the princess and help her escape (or not) the dark forces that seek to do explicit things to her should she be captured. So check out the demo of Damsel Quest is available at AzureZero's blog and support if you wish to see more from him!

Away for the Weekend

It seems Labcoax won't be seeing much coding & spriting action this weekend as I've got to be some place else, which means I'd be without a computer. But that doesn't mean there won't be progress! I'll take the opportunity to complete and  hopefully clear out the plot holes. Remember that there's no written text in-game so the story's gonna be told visually.

And that's pretty much all I have this time. Kinda tired actually.


  1. It makes me sad this person gets as much attention as they do, when they're really sort of pompous and don't respond to critique or suggestions from their fans.

    Glad to hear you're taking a breather, try to have a good time wherever you're going.

    1. What makes you think the said dev is pompous? I think it's good to have variety of different games in this genre, not everyone wants to play action games, stealth might be suited for some gamers.

    2. it'd be nice to actually hear some of this feedback, as i spend days waiting for people to respond to my threads

  2. Friday the 13th, then no further updates...

    ... Did you die?! This one awaits your game with extreme anticipation. Any news would be awesome!

  3. I am very appreciative of the time so far. got the demo, and I'm enjoying it really. I'm super interested in it!