Sunday, 16 November 2014

AoD - Progress report (1)

*Note to self: Regular updates from now!

So I've been working on the pause functionality of the AoD in the past 2 weeks. Drew the background (scroll/parchment looking thing), then planned and coded the pause menu structure. It took some time to figure out the draw coordinates & scale so that the pause menu looks right enough. At the bottom of the HUD will be the skill list of currently equipped skills (3 actives & 3 passives).

AoD's pause menu with some placeholder sprites.
Players can upgrade/equip skills here.

Also added "shields" which offer negation of damage to attacks from the front. After a few hits, the shield will break. Shields can be picked up from killing a shielded enemy without breaking their shield.

Shield protects against frontal attacks from 160deg.

That's about it for the progress since the last post. There's still so much to do!

Next I will work on:-
1. The arena background (it being just black is getting to me).
2. Some active & passive skills.
3. Lust bar (effects still unplanned & may affect certain skills).

I'm still brainstorming on the player skills so if you guys have ideas/suggestions for skills, let me hear it. Examples would be like:-
1. Passive skill: Ego - Do increased damage for next 2 attacks after recovering from a knockdown.
2. Active skill: Shield throw - Throw shield that will ricochet off enemies. Bounces 3 times.
3. Active skill: Charge - Rush forward and knockback enemies.


  1. Hmm, How about...
    Active: Riposte - automatically counter the first attack received from the front within 1 second of activation, 15 seconds cooldown
    Passive: ShieldBreaker - Hitting a shield knocks back the enemy and damages the shield more than a normal hit would

    1. Riposte is great I think. It feels engaging as it requires active interaction (focus on enemy attacks & timing).

      Shieldbreaker might be made active, as an attack that dislodge/break shields. Being passive would make it too consistent and too powerful as anti-shield.

    2. Yeah, you're right, maybe shieldbreaker as a passive was a bit too much of a stretch.
      Though a passive that slightly increases knockback (and nothing else) might be a bit better suited.

      Is there any way yet to recover health planned?

    3. Ah I'm still unsure how to handle healing. I'm thinking:-
      1. Sexing fills up lust bar, which grants (1) health when maxed (which then resets). Also heals the enemy.
      2. Enemies randomly drop health upon death.
      3. Low-rate regen when not attacking for a short time (say 10s). May be made into a unlock passive.

      I only hope to make no.1 just tedious enough that it isn't exploited. Do you have any ideas for healing in mind?

    4. You could make health by sexing a passive, and if you don't have that passive equipped the lust bar getting filled only makes it harder to struggle free.

      Random health drops could work, though maybe to make that one better would be having every enemy dropping a fraction of a health point and you get 1HP back once you get enough, like the red dots in Wario Land 4.

      It's all a matter of implementing them and testing to see what sticks/works

    5. You're right. I should work towards implementation first, then twat to see what works. The fractional health allows for more control (for me, the dev) to adjust & balance healing.

  2. This game looks interesting and promising. I miss Labcoax, though. Anyway, I also have a skill suggestion!

    Ultimate Support Skill: Phasing - all attacks will go through you without damage for a set amount of time. Attacking once while in phase mode will break the skill but will deal more damage directly proportional to the remaining skill time (more time left = stronger damage). You can add an aoe knock back as well.

    Whaddya think? It's the immediate first thing I thought of after reading you say you want some skill suggestions. The time-damage ratio means the player can use the skill either as an awesome defense (phase mode) or an insane offense (strongest when attacking right after activating the skill).

    1. Don't worry, Labcoax is declared on hold, so I might be picking it up again later.

      Interesting suggestion. I too have in plans for a skill that negates damage for a period of time but I think giving it offense would make it OP. I'll have to strike a balance and make other skills viable as well, but the idea of damage:time scale is certainly explorable!

      Also, long time Sinchi. How's the writing been going for you?

    2. *gasp* I can't believe you still know me, Nony! I didn't even remember sharing you the writing thing until just now. It's in a terrible hiatus; technically, the book is finished, but I still have to do some intense tweaking like changing some of the characters' names and adding or modifying some points in the story. Nonetheless, once I finally have the drive to get back to it, I'll finish it in less than a week. I'll let you know by then. *grin*

      Anyway, the offense part of the skill wouldn't be that OP since:
      1. It only boosts one attack.
      2. It will break the phase buff.
      3. If the player wants to get the most damage out of the buff, he will need to attack as soon as possible because of the time-damage ratio. This means he will either make use of the full duration of the buff for defense, or ignore the defensive purpose of the buff to unleash a strong offense on one attack as soon as possible. Either way, the longer he uses the buff for defense, the smaller the usefulness of the buff will be for offense.

      But yeah, it's up to you how to tweak the skill and/or the game. One thing's for sure: I would love to support AoD and Labcoax. Good luck, Nony!

    3. Oh, wait, I understood just now why you said the offense part could be OP (I forgot the part where you said you need to make other skills viable as well).

      My suggestion is an "Ultimate" support skill, like the last skill you get in DotA, which you can get if you're at least level 6. My suggested skill could be a rare skill that requires certain achievements to unlock. This will encourage players to invest more time into the game even after fapping, especially for people like me who love to grind and get the most out of the games I play.

      The way I imagine it, if the players are dedicated to your game enough, they can eventually obtain an awesome well-deserved skill set that covers all aspects of the character (attack, defense, knock back, health, libido, etc) and would make playing Endless Mode (if you want to implement that) all the more fun!

    4. Ah but AoD is gonna be simpler on term of mechanics. So it's not as complex as you'd thought. Players would amass/grind in-game wealth to unlock new skills and upgrade them. That means players actually just get stronger by gaining access to wider repertoire of skills, instead of the usual 'level-up with xp' deal.

      Endless mode though is a must, at the very least, so as to serve some challenge to see how many waves of enemies can the player survive.

      Best of luck with the writing!

  3. Active skill: Wild Charge - Can only be activated when below x amount of health, Rush through enemies while attacking for big damage and knocking down survivors. However, after the sill is activated you are out of breath and left vulnerable for some time.

    1. The use of a health threshold is great but I'll probably not make the charge do damage. Trying to have skill set that makes a player choose between damage, knock back or speed.

  4. Obligatory Sand Throw Active: Applies a 100% miss chance for 4 seconds to enemy hit.
    or Dust Cloud Active: Provides 65% evasion in a small AoE for 3 seconds.

    Shield Rush Passive: A successful block gives a short burst of speed.
    Backstab Passive: Attacks to a target's back do 20% extra damage and apply a bleed.

    1. Pocket sand! Shaa sha...
      I could make this a passive that activates upon getting hit. Useful for avoiding getting combo-locked to death.

      Short speed bursts sounds interesting. Could also work when attacks 'clash'.

    2. I've always liked being able to dance around avoiding enemies while hitting them, and then as soon as my rhythm is broken, getting absolutely destroyed by them in an instant.

    3. How about speed boosts when you are hanging by a thread with (1) health?

  5. Passive: ?Laziness?- Slowly restore HP after 2 secs of full stop; counter to that, afet resting it takes a bit for her to be as fast and do as much damage as before. :)

    1. That's interesting. I was initially thinking of health regen if:
      1. Don't attack for 10s
      2. Don't get hit for 10s

      But the coming to a full-stop as you pointed out is also plausible.

  6. Maenad: Damage dealt is increased when when the lust bar us above a certain threshold (possibly in several stages)
    Composure: More resistant to knockdown when lust bar is empty
    Battle-thrill: Killing an enemy briefly increases movement speed and damage dealt (possibly stacking up to a limit)

    1. I like that you suggested for 2 styles of play (use & non-use of the lust bar). Though I am now thinking how this would affect the skills if I would to include a toggle on/off for adult content (because building lust bar requires sex).

      TIL about Maenads.

    2. Neat concept, right? I'm surprised more of these games don't use it. It's unfortunate that so few porn games use female sexuality only as an Achilles' heel, and not also as a source of power.

    3. I am attempting to work towards this concept. Will have to balance out the 2 play styles.

      It could probably due to low demands for games of this type. Maybe the empowering feature isn't really important to most consumers. From a dev's standpoint, it's also more work.

  7. Do you know about indexing in Photoshop?

    You can use it to make images with a lot of colors fit in a bit more with pixel art. With the scroll, for example.

    1. I didn't know. I'll give it a try.

    2. Results:

      I wish I knew this earlier!

  8. I don't know if you're still open to taking skill ideas but here are a few ones I had.
    Active: Blood Lust - Upon skill activation, whenever the player kills an enemy, they gain small attack and defense boosts, running out on a timer, unless another enemy is defeated. When they are, the boosts become higher, but the time given to defeat the enemy is shorter.

    Active: Camaraderie - When the skill is activated, if the player is raped in it's active time, the enemies who raped the player become allies for some time / until death.

    Passive: Hubris - It becomes easier to break out of rapes, but all lust bonuses are negated.

    Passive: Naked - Increased speed and damage but decreased defense, and enemies can rape you even when not knocked down.

    I had an idea, that if the enemies dropped multiple types of weapons and shields and equipment, you could implement an item mastery system, where the more a player uses a weapon, the more damage it does, the more skills available relating to that weapon, and the faster at striking. These would be broken into ranks like A, B, C etc. so then I thought of two skills to go along with that.

    Active: Insanity - Drop the current weapon's mastery level by 1, but for the remainder of the skills active time, the weapon acts like it has full mastery, and the player gains general stat buffs.

    Passive: Quick Learner - Weapon mastery is gained twice as fast, but whilst this skill is active, the player receives none of the bonuses associated with the higher levels.

    I hope this helped even a small amount, but at the end of the day you're the one making the bloody thing, so go with whatever you want.