Thursday, 23 October 2014

AoD - Demo v0.1

AoD - Demo v0.1
Spill those guts for me!

Password: aod

Here's the first release of AoD put together to demonstrate the simple mechanics of the game. Sand-boxed within arena grounds, you control a heroine in a top-down view to fight off waves of enemies (you currently spawn your own). For now, AoD is just bones.

During H-animation:
- Press LEFT to break free.
- Press RIGHT increases the number of participants by one (currently limited to 3, including player).

Release Notes - v0.1
1. Currently only have ONE (1) H-animation (facing North-East) with TWO (2) variations (2p and 3p).
2. Depleting health doesn't kill player and causes enemies to no longer be able to hit player.
3. Stepping out of arena bounds currently does nothing.
4. Ignore some of the extra sprites if you can, they're there as colour palette reference for me.

Movement - Arrow keys
Attack - C key

Space - Zoom-in/out
F2 - Restarts game
F4 - Full-screen/Window mode

Numpad 0 - Trips the player (or press Ctrl)
Numpad 1 - Heart effect - does nothing
Numpad 5 - Spawns more grunts (or press '0')

Known bugs
1. Sometimes two or more enemies can get temporarily stuck together. Same for the player.
2. During a sword clash with an enemy, sometimes that enemy's  attack will go through (should negate completely in a 1-on-1).
3. On rare occasions there may be multiple separate H-animation instances when multiple enemies engage the player (when knocked down) at the same time.
4. HUD not adjusting to right scale when in full-screen mode.


I think that's all for this update. I keep thinking I'm forgetting something.

So play it a bit and tell me what you think. If you discovered a possible bug or is problems such as not being able to run AoD, write in the comments below. Bear with me for AoD is still missing many things.


  1. Nice demo. She's kinda holding her sword like a feather duster atm, but that could be fine in context.
    Controls are ok, although I could see a short dash as a nice addition.

    1. I design it to be like that because (I find) one-handing will look like it's got further reach, which would be OP for the small arena & enemies.

      I'll add abilities & upgrades (perma speed up) later. Trying to go for a moderately paced game for AoD. Let's see if I could get it right.

  2. Looks pretty nice, actually! Reminds me of when I made a Gladitrix character idea before, but it never really got around to anything...

    Your sprites are always really nice!

    1. My sprites are still not there yet. :/

    2. They can only get better? Excellent. They're already pretty good!

  3. I think I like where this is going..

    The only thing I found was that during an H-animation, if you press RIGHT and add more participants, when you've added all the ones on screen, if you press RIGHT again an error box pops up with "closest_inst not found: -4".

    Tested it with 1, 2 and 3 enemies on screen, easiest with 1.

    1. Haha that was suppose to tell me there's no more enemies possible to be called/attract. I forgot to remove it. I'll have to check it out again later, thanks for the observation!

  4. I don't know if this is intentional, but "move in a random direction" seems to be a bit higher on the AI's priority than actually attacking the PC. I had times, when I was trying to test the enemy hit range, that I would have to chase them around in order to get hit. I could also go to the edge of the ring and they would just mill around aimlessly (limited sight range?). Of course, I can understand that these may be low-level enemies and not heat seeking maniacs.

    I am also curious what function the health meter will serve. If getting sexed up by the grunts doesn't affect health (which it currently does not), then what are the consequences to getting grabbed versus losing health from hits?

    Your concept is clear-cut and has plenty of potential. Keep it up and good luck!

    1. Stepping out of the ring is suppose to result in instant game over but I haven't implemented that yet. So the AI not exiting arena boundary is working as intended (as they also die when stepping out of ring, again not yet implemented).

      The AI will go through much tweaking as development continues. I only hope to get them to provide a challenging enough gameplay (because maximum aggression will only mean them pushing you off the arena, and that would be unfair).

      I'll write an update on what are the effects to sexing up the heroine does, in the next post but in short, it depends on the abilities that will be chosen by the player.

  5. Liking the new game so far. Keep up the good work! <3

  6. When I downloaded it from Mega, Chrome marked it as malware. No idea why, thought I'd let you know.

    1. Yeah because I've compiled it as a single executable (.exe) file. I thought zipping it would help prevent false alarm. If you go to the MEGA link via this blog, I assure you it's safe.

      Thanks for letting me know.