Monday, 19 May 2014

More planning

I've done a few things, mainly re-iterating the 'plans' on the map layout, the skills/augments and ammo-types obtainable in Labcoax. The pickups in game will look like below:-

Differing shot types - obtained from bosses
Player upgrades - obtained from mini-bosses
Map reveals as exploration expands

I've been programming and preparing Labcoax to accomodate the plans, so far so good as I've managed to fix most of the logic errors with my limited testing. What do I mean by plans? I had to revise old plans many times. Plans such as the x number of bosses, the different map zones, placement of upgrades, and then justifiable obstacles that ensure the player don't sequence break and crash the game. The plan is far from final, but it gives me something to work with as I continue to piece this mess together.

After this post, I would be shifting focus to adding some content (as opposed to preparing Labcoax FOR content like past months) like new tilesets.

In the previous post there have been a few comments on the inclusion of key configurations for keyboard and controllers. I think this will have to wait (a long while) until I get to the part where I make the OPTIONS menu.

Not dead. Just not sure what else to post or write about.

It's a long road.


  1. You know even though nothing much was posted it made me really happy to see this get updated.
    I really love how this game plays (and the poooorn) so keep it up man!

  2. I check this blog once or more a day. I'm happy just from seeing any update about the development. I'm fine with you taking your time Tony. Rushed games are filled with glitches, most are not fun. Im glad this game is very developed in each release.

  3. The longer you sit around doing framework, the harder the actual content will be.

    Make content first.

    1. I need to do both. Content is needed to test framework/rig and vice versa.

    2. Content (ie. creativity) occurs within the constraints of the framework. The more framework you have down, the smaller the box you'll be thinking in.

      You don't want to run into a situation where you have a really cool idea you want to pursue, but you'd have to totally change your "mana" system, or the player would have to be disallowed from jumping, etc. Something else that requires rebuilding most of the game.

  4. Gods speed, let us know if we can help.

  5. I just tried this out. Pretty cool. So far there's 4 rooms and 3 enemies?

    There's a glitch where I can stand in mid-air around here. The spot is pretty easy to find.

    The visual quality on the environment is really nice (besides the black space). I'm worried about whether you can keep up the quality for the whole game though.

    I like how significant the stats are, I'm curious about the exact calculations behind them.

    And lol, I can grind the lab coat with some points in atk and the shot gun like this:

    1. Yeah so far 4 rooms, 4 enemies but these are just test rooms. You may have missed the rats underneath the room where the lab coat poltergeist. Drop through that small platform in the middle.

      The glitch! Yeah I've made some changes to the way platform works in 0.5, apparently not perfect yet. The system is confused between 2 closest platforms.

      I was trying for a darker feel so I thought darker shades. In doing that, I've limited my range of color palette. I didn't know. Now having a hard time making things pop from the background. The tilesets are quite limited as of now. I fear players will notice them as the planned game length is pretty long. You caught me on the black spaces, just me being lazy. I hope to make players see less of them in view.

      I am hoping that stats do not become overly significant. You can still grind and beat things, but some attention to evasion and efficient situational use of arsenal would be required! Think spread shot for anti-air and stuff. Some are more effective, some are less, akin to resistances (planned, not yet applied).
      For the green shot, damage is 1:1 except for spread shot, which is 2:1, all subject to change.

      Very nice gif buy what's with the green window stuff?

  6. Ahh, yeah, I missed the rats. I'll check it out in a bit.

    I hope you find a way to fix that glitch. It'd suck to have it happen everywhere. D:

    Hmm, I don't really now what kind of stats are good for games. Always been a mystery for me. Especially in 2d offline platformers. But if anything, I can point out that the difference between guns also matter. Between low fire-rate gun and a continuously firing gun, a low fire-rate gun would usually allow for more movement between shots (provided firing a shot doesn't impede movement too much), as opposed to the other kind which (in a sidescroller where firing is aimed by movement) required you to be standing & facing/moving in the direction you want to fire. I mean you could fire -> walk -> fire -> walk with a low fire-rate gun or guns with after effects without compensating DPS/effect. Also the same reason that mages are penalized often with lower movement speed (they like to walk between spells) as opposed to melee attackers with higher movement speed. Yeah, just wanted to point that that out in case you're putting in more guns with varied fire rates. It makes low fire rate guns more ideal against getting swarmed from different directions or fighting a mobile enemy that attacks despite being hit.

    I'm looking forward to what gameplay you have planned. :D

    The green window stuff is just my gif recorder glitching, not a problem on your side.

    1. I just derped the reply system. >__>