Friday, 30 January 2015

AoD - Demo v0.3

Gamepad config with xbox360 controller

File size: ~10MB
Password: aod

*try this first (if possible), a 3rd-party plugin for Dropbox for DL count tracking

AoD v0.3 is finally here! The new year was off to a sluggish start. Had to get to working on the less interesting (but necessary) game menu options part along with the controls config & gamepad support. Then it was the rearranging of the sequence of processes so I could get it ready for [Load] > [Title] > [Intro] > [Game start]; properly. I screwed up so bad on this part for Labcoax.

Once again I will need you guys to help me out with the testing. I have only tested the gamepad support on my xBox360 controller! Try out the changes in the release notes and tell me if they worked for you (especially the keyboard & gamepad config). Let me know in the comments!

So ... what's next for v0.4? I'm looking to make one boss enemy, two or more skills, and maybe a proper game intro and name. Now taking suggestions for the game name!

Release Notes - v0.3
  1. New enemy archer.
  2. Saving and loading now possible.
  3. Keyboard config & gamepad support (old [untested] & new [tested with xbox360 controller).
  4. Minor A.I. behaviour tweak. Still not smart enough.
  5. Sound handling changed from legacy GM audio functions to the newer audio functions.
  6. Spawn enemies up to ROUND [10].
  7. Changed the way you navigate the menu. Now use ENTER and ESC buttons.
  8. New oral sounds.
  9. Mix and match the enemy types in each sex position!
As with the previous release:
  1. Depleting health doesn't kill player and causes enemies to no longer be able to hit player.
  2. Stepping out of arena bounds still does nothing to player.

Known Bugs
  1. Collision & hitboxes are currently wonky. Enemies & player sometimes glue together.
  2. You might run into a fatal error (game will abort) stating "instance cannot be found". I have applied some codes to curb this error but I might have missed some parts.

Movement - Arrow keys
Attack - 'C' key
Activate skills - 'A', 'S', and 'D' keys

Space - Zoom-in/out
F2 - Restarts game
F4 - Full-screen/Window mode

Game Menu
Enter - Pause Menu
ESC  - Exit/save menu

Numpad 0 - Trips the player (or press Ctrl)
Numpad 1 - Gives you 3,000 gold
Numpad 2 - Immediately equips yourself with all skills (or press '8')
Numpad 5 - Spawns more grunts (or press '0')


I need sleep~


  1. Hey hit me up if you need help fixing collisions and any other technical issues.
    for a start, turn off collision detection in between enemies, you could insetead use the bounce feature. also if you need gm studio with everything. I can get it for you breh

    1. By bounce feature, did you mean the GM's in-built physics? I actually haven't looked into it. It might actually be better for a game like this. Should have checked it out earlier!

    2. yeah, its actually pretty useful for hordes, sorry for the lateness, forgot to turn on notifications.
      but I used it to fix the collisions in a top down zombie game I am working on.
      Before they kept getting stuck when crashing into trucks or walls.
      and using the solid option makes it worse, they stick together at times and the collision boxes go nuts.

    3. Yeah I have overhauled the physics for AoD. Now using the GM's box2D physics, and will debut in v0.4. It's got noticeable difference compared to the previous versions, but I tried to get it to play as similarly as possible.

  2. I haven't really tested it much, nice visual effect when the excitement bar is high and good to hear she doesn't moan with her mouth plugged.
    Just wanted to mention you might want to reupload it as a compressed file or something, Avast! ate that installer when I tried to run it so I had to extract it manually.

    1. Hmm by compressed file, you meant archives of .zip or .rar sort? The uploaded file is .zip containing the v0.3.exe. It seems like .exe files are pretty dangerous in the eyes of anti-viruses because executing them allows/gives them permission to run its (the exe) course. So make sure to only get them through here!

      On the other hand, I could instead compile them as an archive right off the bat, maybe that will help with the false alarms.

    2. Thing is, there are three options when compiling from Studio: Installer, single file executable, and Zip file with the game in it.
      I'd assume you used either the first of the second, can't really know which one because the AV just eats it before running it, so yeah, I'd suggest you compile directly to ZIP.
      You can always extract it then compress it in a password-protected file.

    3. Okay I will try the archive compile the next round.

      Are the other parts (audio, control config) of the demo working? I'm actually using the newer audio functions from GM. They offer better control for things such as volume and panning.

      Working hard on revamping the physics by using the GM's built-in one now instead of my wonky collision code.

    4. Didn't check the controls config, but the audio works pretty nicely.
      Though the sounds for when her mouth is plugged seem to be a bit of a higher pitch than the other ones.
      I'll try with a controller and changing controls when I get the chance.

    5. Okay noted. Thanks for the feedback!

    6. Gamepad works but has to be set beforehand, and changing the controls works as expected.
      Saving and loading works, too.
      Maybe the one thing I'd say is adding gamepad control to the menu?

    7. By adding gamepad control in your last sentence, did you mean to preset the gamepad controls with default values? I'll have it default to Xbox buttons in the next release.

      Good to hear that everything else is working fine though! Thanks for testing. Needs more feedback from people.

    8. Not only adding default values to the gamepad controls, but also being able to control the menu with the gamepad. I didn't seem able to do it.
      Or maybe I missed that detail?

    9. Oh crap I forgot about that. Okay added the input listeners for the pause menu already and it'll be in v0.4. Thanks for spotting that.

  3. Checked the Mumble bug like you asked. Version 0.3 still doesn't start if I have Mumble running.

    Also, arrows are marked "Out of Bounds" when they fly out there. Might want to make them an exception.

    1. Ah darn. Could you run other gamemaker games while on mumble as well? Really thinking mumble is incompatible or hogs a resource that game maker uses. What happens if you run v0.3 first, then mumble?

      What about other aspects? The audio is fine? The control config is okay?

      Sorry for asking so much. Thanks for helping me out.

    2. If you start the game first, and THEN Mumble, then it works fine. If by "control config" you mean the controls work, then yeah, they still work fine. Will note that I noticed the same error with the digital card/board game Talisman on Steam. Not sure if they use Game Maker or not.

    3. If you are willing, try out the few games that I will be posting about in a few days, since a few of them are made via GameMaker:Studio. Good to hear everything else working fine.

      Thanks again!

  4. The Fuckatorium!

    1. Well that's too direct of a name. How about something like "Arena of Decadence"?

  5. Having a rather interesting issue. Every time I try and open the .exe file after unzipping it, the silly thing vanishes on me.

    1. That's your antivirus freaking out because it's a self extracting archive. Try to unzip the exe too.

    2. Hi Puck, did you manage to solve the disappearance? Your antivirus could be skipping the .exe file by deeming it malicious. If you downloaded from my links, try to explicitly extract the .exe file as Barreytor pointed out.

      Sorry for the trouble. I will be compiling it differently for the next release. If you don't want to go through the above steps, maybe you can wait for v0.4.

    3. My archiver doesn't want to open it. I'll try a different one.

    4. All righty. Tried a different one and it worked. Now the only issue I have is once I get past round one, it seems none of the baddies can touch me, which is a slight disappointment.

    5. Ah about that: I haven't implemented a "game over" for AoD yet, so upon depleting the player health, you become invulnerable. I've included a bunch of debug options you can activate via the numpad (e.g. knockdown player, spawn more enemies, and more written in the release notes).

      Good to hear it's working for you though! No problems so far?

  6. It's working great. I just wish I had enough skill to test the archer animations.

    1. Actually the plan is that all enemy animations are to be made in relation to the player's animations. So you can expect all animations of enemies of similar sizes to be similar. Thanks for testing!

  7. So I'm having a similar issue as Puck. However it tells me "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." And then the .exe turns into some .tmp file. I didn't really understand the fix from earlier about "extract the .exe too" cause it's only an exe, nothing else in the zip file other than the .exe

    1. Hi Anon, which archiver are you using? I recommend 7zip since from personal experience, it's been quite reliable. Following your error message, the file may be recognized as a virus, or you do not have admin permission, or the download faulted and is corrupt.

      My reference here:-

      My take is that v0.3 is falsely tagged as malicious by your antivirus.

      However, if you wish not to go through that hassle, do wait out a little. I'm in the midst of preparing to upload v0.4 soon. I hope by compiling it in a different format will help alleviate this issue. Could you get back to me once you've tried v0.4?

      It should be up in a day or two. Thanks!

    2. I've tried both winzip and 7zip with the same result. I tried the suggestions in the Microsoft support link, like checking administrative privileges, unblocking the program, temporarily turning off antivirus. So I'll check out v0.4 and see if anything changes, till then I'll keep trying random things to get it to work. Thanks for the help datanony.