Wednesday, 31 August 2016

AoA - Demo v0.90

2016/08/31 - Fixed crash after defeating bosses.
2016/09/01 - Changed audio settings. BGMs were failing to play.

Better prompt for unlocks
Download v0.90a

File size: ~18 MB
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! | Password: dtny | ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This release features a new voice from our VA as well as (2) sketches of BGM from our composer. The BGMs are still incomplete, and we are still testing the best mood/atmosphere to incorporate into the BGMs. Right now inspirations are from the "Golden Axe" games, but if you (our players) have references or possibly something that you think would be better for the AoA universe, I'd like to hear them out (in fact AoA needs it!).

I've also included (3) new boss-specific player-dominant animations, one for each of the first 3 bosses. To trigger them, you only need to run up to them (like how enemies do to the player when knocked down) during their near-death state, with the "Finish" notation. This is intended as a reward for having defeated bosses.
Dominate bosses!
The new sex skill passive isn't intended to change the gameplay in any drastic ways. The effects are mild, and is triggered on maxing out your lust bar. Right now they'll last forever, at least until you gameover or changed the sex skill.

  1. Default - Gain 1 HP. No added effects.
  2. Pure - Lose 1 HP. Gain great +knockback but slower stamina recovery.
  3. Lust - Recovery all HP. Reduced stamina-use on charging skills, but take increased stamina damage.

Your feedback can help me improve AoA, so I'd greatly appreciate if you can tell me how you feel about:

  1. The choice of BGM. If you think a different music might be better, I'd like to hear references for new inspiration as well.
  2. The new voices. Re-recordings might be possible.
  3. The current game difficulty.

!! Oh right before I forget, press 'M' to change BGMs. Pressing 'N' will fade-in and out of music.


Release Notes - v0.90
  1. New player-dominant sex animations (only Bosses 1-to-3 has it now).
  2. Will now notify unlocks (skill & anim) if they have not been unlocked.
  3. Enemy Brute's whirlwind now knockback other enemies.
  4. Enemies Brute and Champion aggression reduced slightly.
  5. The "Double-edge" now unblockable.
  6. The "Seriate" passive now unblockable. Now only needs 2-3 successive hits.
  7. The "Whirlwind" now with increased knockback.
  8. New "Sex" skill passive. Choose from 3 effects.
  1. Demo ends at ROUND [51]. The round will loop endlessly.
  2. The "Adult content" in settings menu does not work.
  3. Boss-dominant animations not done.
  4. Gallery cannot be accessed yet.

Known Bugs
  1. Gamepad too sensitive in the menus.
  2. Help me find more!

Movement - Arrow keys
Attack - 'C' key
Activate skills - 'A', 'S', and 'D' keys

Space - Zoom-in/out
F2 - Restarts game
F4 - Full-screen/Window mode

BGM change - 'M' key
BGM fade - 'N' key

Game Menu
Enter - Skill Menu
ESC  - Pause/Save menu

Numpad 0 - Trips the player (or press Ctrl)
Numpad 2 - Spawn "bats from cave" effx
Numpad 5 - Spawns more random enemies (or press '0')
Key '7'      - Enable/disable debug text


If you got a feedback, let me hear it in the comments below!


  1. Hey man!

    I'm getting the below error after the first boss:

    action number 1
    at time step30
    of time line tml_victory1:

    Variable obj_skl_charge.SKL_LOCK_RND(100015, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Script_get_unlocks_skl
    stack frame is
    gml_Script_get_unlocks_skl (line 0)

    1. Ah shoot i'll get right to it. Thanks!

    2. Fixed and reuploaded! If you find anymore, let me know

  2. I actually checked your blog today, hoping against hope that there would be a post, maybe even an update. AND LO AND BEHOLD! THERE IT WAS!

    I'm so excited to get this. Freaking love this game, and I get giddy every time there's a new update, thus a new excuse for me to come back and play it a ton. One of my favorite H-games that I regularly come back to.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Glad you liked the game. What say you about the new voice and the BGMs?

      I getting reports that the one of the BGMs isn't playin, effectively hearing only one of them the whole time.

    2. Took me way too long to reply to this, and I apologize for that.

      I LOVE the new voice actress for the lustful passive. I think it's fantastic. I prefer it over the old one now, though I admit that I like the original voice as well.

      I like the music, but....I'm not HUGE on it? It's like, I think it's fine. I look forward to more, but honestly, I've kinda gotten used to the silence. I like it, don't love it, and that's the most I can say. Not a huge help, I know. That being said, I'll be pleased if you do more, as I do kinda enjoy it, and if I ever get tired of it, I can just turn it off.

      I really, really like the new player-dominant animations. I like them so much, in fact, that I'm kinda hoping that maybe you'll add a way to see them OTHER than just on the bosses? I would love a skill or....something that allows you to occasionally use a player-dominant animation on normal enemies, perhaps when defeating them or something. I particularly enjoyed the second boss animation, where she's on top. That is CRAZY good.

      That's pretty much all I ran into, played through almost the whole thing by now. Glorbo's didn't really work for me, just kept pushing my character off rather than playing any animation.

      Anyway, loved it overall. Looking forwarde to more!

  3. Love the new stuff you added! Really good. New animations are great and the new ability is good too. The one thing i would still really like to see is for you clothes to not magically come back each time after being raped. The naked model in this game is actually really good and i think you could show it off more! Keep up the good work.

    1. Hmm I'm afraid this will take up much time to sprite. I feel I should better use the time to add newer animations and furnish the other aspects of AoA.

      If you look at the animations, they're pretty inconsistent from size to the angle of plane.

  4. I really like the music, and that's saying something considering it isn't even finished.

    I have a bit of feedback, first of all a few skill suggestions:
    Fight nude/topless (Needs the lust sex skill) - Gives you a bigger window to counter-attack enemies, but makes them overall more aggressive (Passive equip)
    Flair: Gives you a bigger window for double/multi-kills, but for a reduced bonus (Passive; Equip?)
    Stab attack (Active equip): Bypass enemy shields for and do double damage (Short active period, long cooldown)
    Don't have a name for this one (Passive (Equip?)): Longer window to pick up gold/shields/health, but Jester's collection radius and "aggression" is increased
    Bomb thief (Passive equip): Forgo the use of a shield for the ability to pick up and use Mage bombs, with the same capacity as far as your shield is upgraded.
    Combat Strength (Passive Equip): Do double the damage, but take double damage yourself and 3x the stamina drain

    On the subject of double/multi kills, I think the window is a bit too short, you have to whittle each enemy down to their last hit and really plan it out, as well as be lucky enough for one of them not to evade after you killed the first. An alternative would be increasing the bonus - I think 75 for a double (Which gets more and more challenging in later stages) and 200 for a triple (It's much more difficult to get a multi than a double), 600 for a quad etc.

    I think the purple mages should take damage/knockback from their own bombs. They're pests, and tanky ones at that. Speaking of which, do they still use the old voice? It's a while since I last played so I can't really tell the difference, but it would be nice if they used a different voice set to distinguish the MC from them.

    Finally, being able to customise the MC's colors would be cool, even if it's just the dress. Not sure how easy it would be.

    I'd also like to see more non-human(oid) enemies in the future, but that's personal preference.

    1. Nice. Our composer will be adding more channels and variation to the sketches, so look forward to it! I had reports that BGMs are failing to play for some people. Have you had any issue at all like that?

      Adding extra skills will have to wait until after v1.00. Similarly with more enemies and the like. Currently pushing all efforts into completing the sex animation sets and ending cutscenes.

      Regarding multi-kills, I agree with your points. I'll add to the interval window slightly, as well as increasing the rewards. However their design will remain largely the same; to compliment the current currency system (mob and boss farming).

      You're right. The cultists/mages had always shared voices with the MC. I'll see to our VA to add more distinguish voices. As for bombs knockback on enemies, I feel they'll really distrupt the current flow of combat because throws are more frequent (as compared to Brute's whirlwind). It'd certainly be fun to watch though, so I'll think about this.

      Customize-able colours could be looked into.

      As for more monsters, they'll be after v1.00 (again).

      Thanks for the big list of feedback, especially on the music and voice.

    2. All sounds good to me. I didn't notice any bugs with the BGM.

      With regards to the mages (Or, cultists), the suggestion was that the bomb only knocks back (or kills) the one who threw it, and not any other enemies (Or maybe only other cultists). It'd be hard to pull off but if you can trick one into moving under a falling bomb it'd be a nice mechanic to get rid of them quickly, they really add to the chaos when mixed in with the other enemy types. I guess it'd be a pointless addition if it happens just by chance too often, or if it's so rare that you have to get lucky and have to be actually trying to make it happen.

      I take back what I said about double kills, depending on the stage I was actually getting them without really trying, they just happened by chance. I think something that contributed to that is the fact that an enemy falling off the edge by their own error counts as a kill for you. Well, it's worth experimenting with regardless and I still stand by what I said about multi-kills.

      Anyway, I look forward to seeing how this develops. It's already a challenging and addicting game that'd stand on its own without the adult element.

  5. Bad ass! Great work.

  6. Wishlist: pillory trap (all applicable mobs in the arena can take a turn w/o escape?) and (more) animations depicting penis+vaginal/anal/mouth penetration. The original animations all seem like they could be updated to have that little extra detail. Seriously good job.

    1. Pillory trap is difficult to program, with the little time I have, so that'll have to pass.

      On the topic of penis/mouth/vaginal/anal depiction, with the current resolution, they'd have to be 1 pixel in size. I'll try and give it more emphasis on the newer animations.

      Good eye on the little details. I guess I got more comfortable with sprites as I continued the development. The older animations definitely didn't age well.

      I'm directing all efforts to completing the animation set (bosses') and then the ending credits and scene. Updating the old animations is unfortunately at the bottom of the list :/

  7. Wow, this really really good! I'm especially happy that there's also F/F action in this one. Love the passive Sex Skill too. Please keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks. I could use some ideas for the cultist fem-boss Kula if you have some.

    2. Footjobs, a little S&M, groping, vibes, plenty of ways to get some F/F action without the help of the little mushroom~

  8. I was worried about the voice clips when they were announced, but I am pleased to say they do not detract from my enjoyment of the game; Good choice on the VA. The music feels trite. I would like to hear a blend of tone choices rather than exclusively 8-bit sounds. I feel this would better compliment the realistic combat, background, and intimate sounds present in the game. A retro-hybrid soundtrack rather than a retro clone one basically. The game is very easy now. I don't feel very strongly about that, I just felt you might be interested in that opinion. Some ideas: After knock-down, require the whirlwind wake-up to connect with at least one enemy or penalize the player. Enemies could be programmed to bait this move. Whiffing the wake-up could result in hp loss, stamina regeneration being capped at a lower level temporarily or a reset to the knock-down state. Currently sex is very easy to avoid. Sex during game-over/0hp shouldn't be escapable.

    1. Thanks for the valuable feedback.

      The direction of the music will be 8-bit for now. Sounds exclusive of 8-bit will have to be post-edit(?). Our composer is most comfortable with LSDJ and as such, we'll be concentrating on outputting music first.

      The design of the knockdown was to give chance to receiving further damage, which is already risky since invulnerability frames are few (at start of knockdown). Facing multi-hit bosses/numerous enemies, this could mean immediate loss.

      Depending on availability of development time, I can add a mini-game to wakeup/escape mechanics. I also planned to have the option to enable/disable adult content, so this may affect wakeup as well. For now, I should concentrate on keeping it simple but I understand your suggestion to make knockdown more punishing.

  9. I found a small glitch.
    The sex animation for the boss at stage 50 shows the girl in her pose only, but not the guy.

    1. Yeah bosses at 40 and 50 don't yet have animations so what you're seeing is placeholder animations. Thanks for pointing it out.

  10. The new sex passive skill makes you pretty much immortal. I mashed "0" and spawned A LOT of enemies, then, by using that invincibility thing, the whirlwind and this sex passive skill, i defeated them all with ease. I know this is game is still in development, but this needs to change for the sake of balanced gameplay.

    Also can't wait for the gallery to be made. Keep it up datanony .

  11. Good demo! Hadn't followed this for quite some time, so there were lot of developments for me.

    BGM fits the mood well. I find this difficulty of the game just right for me (I am yet to defeat the slime boss, seems challenging to me).
    The jester's presence was amusing, tricked me into thinking that I will gain health from lusting him when instead he ran off with my shields XD. I think it would be best for him to not have an h-animation, wrt to gameplay .

    Regarding BGM, I would suggest the boss battle music to be different that the normal mob music. Music composed in Phrygian or Aeolian/Minor modes should work well. (Your composer friend may probably understand).

    Regarding the h-anims, I would prefer clothing dmg over clothes vanishing. HOWEVER, it is definitely a cumbersome task on sprites to incorporate clothing damage. I would rather suggest that when the h-anims begin, you could show the clothes/lump of cloth lying nearby. Would be an acceptable addition I suppose as it won't seem that odd.
    (hope the jester doesn't run away with it, haha)

    1. Yup we haven't gotten to make boss music yet. We're trying to get the mood determined first. Meanwhile I'll pass on the suggestion to use Phrygian/Aeolian modes/scale (music theory of Ancient Greece?? Quite possibly be fitting). If you have references or suggestions to the use of the said modes, I'd be glad to pass them to our composer as well.

      Haha, I suppose the re/disappearance can be glaring to the point of annoyance. I have to say that part will have to stay because time. The lump of clothes can be a quick fix to this unexplained plot hole (thanks).

    2. Phrygian mode as suggested in my prev post will give it a very Egyptian/Arabic feel (if that is what you are aiming for) I can post references if desired.

      According to me, Boss music should contain a eerie/mysterious/melodic mix, mainly because the music should stand out from the rest.

      These videos can be a good start to understand the feel and tonal characteristics of each mode. Not implying that these are the only solutions for boss music, just think of it as an extra library to look at.

      Ofcourse, using a piano gives it a very 'rich'/'Victorian' - era feel, while using a guitar with lots reverb gives it an dreamy feel... but it definitely ought to sound different in 8-bit music, if that is what you have using in the game.

      The 2nd video is a rather intuitive video that showcases A LOT of chords to play around with. (I am having a blast with it :D )


  12. I really like how you've improved AoA over the last year plus!

    Love the player dominant anims (though the one for glorbo is...odd?). I'd love to see them be something you can trigger during normal round gameplay (you went to the trouble to make them, after all!)...

    How about this: You can unlock an active skill (locked by pure/lust passive sexual trait) that enables "Dirty Play" where your character kicks an enemy in the groin. They could use your current collapse animation...but remain like the bosses with a "Finish Him" flag. With a "pure" character, you could slash them repeatedly to finish them off...with a "lust" character, you could do a player-dominant H-scene. Note: this would be risky unless it was the last enemy on the platform...if there were another enemy and they attacked you, you would suffer double hurt and be immediately knocked to the ground.

    1. I think I messed up the Glorbo one a bit. Ideas were getting scarce (but I can't tell you this!). One thing is that they're suppose to be boss-specific, and a reward for having beat them. They'll be accessible in the gallery for viewing after that (v1.00 or so).

      The skill is an interesting suggestion. It could make use of the dominant animations already. I'll keep this one in mind.

  13. Hey! I'm a little late to the party on this update, but I've got a couple of things to contribute.

    First off, the voice-actress is great. :)

    Anyway. I think the window for double- or multi-kills is just about right. When it was first implemented, I had a hell of a time making it work, whereas now, I don't feel like I have to get two or three enemies standing practically on top of each other to earn the bonus.

    The clothing thing drives me bats, too. Wish it were easier to just splash a blue blob around her waist or up at her neck, and say the baddies rucked her dress up to get to her. Alas!

    Kula should fist the heroine.

    Sex-based skill needs a little work; it's not immediately clear from the description what it does. Maybe you'd be better off figuring out if you can just have the player select one at the beginning, and stick with it?

    Also, the player-dominant animations are neat, but the mechanic kind of sucks. I got so used to beating the bosses like piƱatas, watching xp bounce out of them, and now, I keep winding up trying to straddle them and they wind up at the edge of the arena and when they die, all the little glowy bits fall off the edge, and I am sad. Maybe if you simplified things: walk up to the boss, and press (attack) to finish them off with your sword, or (skill) to hump them with joyous abandon. I keep winding up having sex by accident, which is as unpleasant as it sounds. :P

    Ummmm.... what else? Everything feels pretty polished, right now. I'm so used to playing the game without music, I find it distracting. But it's good, and I can turn it off, so that's fine. Oh! And I'm really waiting for that gallery. Still getting bored/frustrated trying to summon up hordes of enemies to hump me around the arena during game-over so I can see all the animations. :P

    Keep up the good work!

  14. getting this error on start up

    action number 1
    of Alarm Event for alarm 2
    for object obj_init_game:

    local variable sklact_lvl(100004, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Script_read_savegame
    stack frame is
    gml_Script_read_savegame (line 0)

    i had to redownload the game and now im getting this error on launch each time

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey Unknown, sorry for the late reply. Can you try renamingg your savegame.ini to something else, then launch the game? If it goes right, it should re-create a default savegame.ini, then you can repopulate your savegame.ini.

      Meanwhile, I'll check it on my side and try to figure out whats wrong.

    3. since ive played .85 on this system but got rid of the save file i think the game is trying to find a save game that doesnt exist anymore

      been meaning to transplant a version from a different system if i get it to work but havent had time to yet

    4. fixed it
      there was a copy of the old data in a separate file location that the game was trying to take from and once i deleted that it works fine

    5. Nice good to hear it worked out. I think it had to do with some new changes I made to the skills, so your old save was trying to load some non-existant skill attribute.

  15. Me again Version 2 seems to work fine but any variation of V3 fails in the same way

    1. Hey Anon, what do you mean by V2 and V3? What sort of errors are you getting?

  16. Hello. I love this game. one of the best sprite h-games ever IMHO. I wanted to give you some feedback for assistance in production.

    firstly- Amazing job to all parties involved including the voice actress and BGM producer.

    Now as for things of note:
    I think it is odd that if you are on the boss battles you can initiate the Dominant sex animations by "downing" yourself... seems a bit counter-intuitive.. I think having a special ability to create the window of opportunity (such as kick to the groin mentioned earlier) would be excellent. In general I love the Dominant animations (the Oral on the first boss is my personal favorite) I would like to see more of this nature. I liked it so much that it led to THIS discovery--

    if you spawn enemies (in this case the robed mages) within the boss battle everything is fine UNTIL you down yourself.. whoever is closest will initiate an animation.. If you try to click the "additional lovers" button to the right (hearts) it will add a partner but ONLY if the Boss isnt closeby. If you enter an H-animation with a boss and a regular character the game shuts down.

    I understand this wouldnt generally happen without the player "adding characters" but it is something I thought you might want to know about. I wanted to see if the boss "sloan" would behave just like any other character if he wasnt the first "up to the plate"

    I wanted to see if I could watch both the special dominant oral as well as the girl on girl action.. turns out it crashes the game. XD

    anyhow Great job all around. looking forward to each subsequent update

    1. As you pointed out, it would be somewhat lost opportunity to only be able to use player-dominant-animations on bosses. Until I get more time, I'll skip the ability to knockdown enemies. It's a good suggestion, but not one I can implement right now.

      Haha! Yeah I overlooked the part where players might add mobs into boss fights. Gonna have to fix that.

  17. Oop! Another bug for you: If you turn the background music off, by setting the volume to zero, when you start the game the next time, you can hear the music. I had to go into the menu, turn *up* the music, then turn it back down again, in order to get rid of the BGM. Cheers!

    1. Ah you're right. I managed to reproduce it as you said:
      Set Volume to 0 > Quit Game > Re-launch game, and instead of hearing no music, it plays.

      Thanks for pointing it out. WIll get it fixed!

  18. I like the idea you suggested about an additional set of voices for the sex passives. Would it be feasible to have a different set for each sex skill (same VA, just different attitudes), though? The current voices could be kept for the default setting, but there could be a more distressed/embarrassed tone for the pure setting, and a more eager/horny tone for the lust setting. I feel like more voice diversity would give that aspect of the gameplay more flavor and make me want to try out different sex options, rather than just settling for lust and having practically infinite health. (On that note: I think the witch bombs, knights, and berserkers do a good job of making it risky to just drop to the floor when you need a health boost—they make the lust setting less OP.)

  19. Spirit of the game is great, but the SNES graphic gets me cancer

  20. Hello, I want to make the game, which were inspired "RE Progeny", it was named "RE Propagation". This is the link to blog about this game
    Please, look this and help me to make this game!)))

    1. Cool, I'll check it out! But I can't spare any time to develop games other than my own at the moment. Really wanna finish up AoA :)

  21. Good stuff! Looks like you're getting a lot of feedback. When's the next major update?

    1. Yeah! But it pains me that I'm unable to release updates as quickly :(

  22. Been following development here for a while now. Enjoy the game. (especially the slimes) Hadn't played it in a while so the new skill tree and other changes were a nice surprise. Thank you for the time you've put into this thus far.

    1. Awesome LL. Really giving it all I got now. The composer is hard at work too!


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