Thursday, 16 February 2017

AoA - Demo v0.92

2017/02/16 - Re-uploaded as folder format. Ditched the .exe

Download v0.92a

File size: ~25 MB
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! | Password: dtny | ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
New in this release:
  1. Bosses now have a Dominant & Submissive animation depending on player's loss or win:
    • Boss01.
    • Boss02.
    • Boss03 (Dominant anim W.I.P).
  2. The Gallery can now be unlocked (at Round_20), for viewing unlocked animations.
  3. For the purpose of demo & preparation for v1.00:
    • Max rounds limited to Round_30.
    • Some skills are locked.
    • Animations limited to Round_30.
  4. Battle BGMs re-arranged, along with new BGM for The Gallery.
  5. Game moved out of Alpha. Project folder renamed so previously saved games will be affected.
Our composer is keen to hear your feedback on the re-arranged BGMs. The next ones will be to complete a Boss theme.

I understand that you may have some questions on the changes applied to this release in preparation for v1.00. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Known Bugs
  1. Gamepad too sensitive in the menus.
  2. Help me find more!
  • Arrow keys - Movement
  • C / A / S / D keys - Attack & Skill use
  • Space - Zoom-in/out
  • F2 - Restarts game
  • F4 - Full-screen/Window mode
  • M key - BGM change
Game Menu
  • Enter - Skill Menu
  • ESC  - Pause/Save menu
  • Numpad 0 - Trips the player (or press Ctrl)
  • Numpad 5 - Spawns more random enemies (or press '0')
  • Key '7'      - Enable/disable debug text


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! A little late, but worth it. Thanks Datanony! ;)

    2. Did you both experience any hiccups with v0.92?

    3. Nope! Worked well off the bat. Only issue I had so far is just closing the game after going into fullscreen mode. Also, it would be nice to have the option to resize the screen in window mode.

    4. the game not open

      Well I have to wait a few minutes after starting my computer

    5. Hey MoneyMan, maybe try running the game with Administrator rights. Did you encounter the same problems with the previous versions?

  2. I can't start it, could you please upload a folder?
    I also tried to paste the files of the older version in the new folder, but it doesn't work anyway.

    I love this game!

    1. I also tried changing it's name, but nothing worked :(

      But don't hurry to much, I can wait for a long time.
      PS: Nice you have done the gallery and cool idea with the dominant and submissive boss-animations, looking forward towards it.

      A Question: how do you make the sprites for the characters?
      I tried making moving characters before a while, but didn't get how to make .gifs
      Are you using .gif files or other ones?

      I'm looking forward to play the new version ;)

      Nice day

    2. Hey I've re-uploaded this time as a folder format. I hope it works for you now. Let me know how it goes!

      For sprites, I create them with the software 'aseprite'. I then export them as .gif, where I'll then import into GameMaker and then make minor adjustments with their built-in sprite editor.

    3. Thanks for everything, now it does work.
      Looking forward to playing it.
      Also I will try asesprite, thanks for telling it to me to.

      Keep going, you're doing well ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Hey KJW, you can access the savegame.ini edit the contents at C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\AoA_Game

      Just add your desired value into the money section.

  4. Nony, the gallery is JUST BEAUTIFUL! It was well worth the wait. Anyway, I have some suggestions/requests/bug reports:

    1. You cannot cancel out of the "Round Selection" screen. Pressing ESC doesn't work.
    2. Please make boss rooms available in the "Round Selection" screen, or at least tell me why not;
    3. Please make losing a round respawn on the same round, not back on round 1/11/21/etc. Or, at least tell me why not if this is on purpose; and
    4. Please add the option to disable the auto-climax feature in the gallery, the one with the heart meter. It interrupts me when I try different enemy combinations for 2P and 3P. Or, at least tell me why not if this is on purpose.

    I hope this feedback helps!

    1. I like the idea with the boss-rooms, but the respawn at 1, 11, 21 etc. is needed, because if it was not there, you could play without any skill up to the end because you got infinite trys to beat one level.
      Also it is a good training to learn how to get less damage and to use the pauses, enemys do special for each.

      Hope I could help, Nice Day

    2. Oh, no, the game wasn't too difficult for me. I was just extremely annoyed when I fell off the arena after defeating Boss 2 because I was picking up his diamond thingies. Dying for such a stupid reason and then realizing that I have to go through 10 rounds again made me lose so much enthusiasm that I resorted to cheating the save file, which I initially promised myself I wouldn't do.

    3. I had the same problem about 15 min ago too, but you have to learn to avoid the end or not to kill near the end.
      If you can handle it, you won't fall out of the world except in rounds 40+, but they are not in the demo, soooooo. Also You get the money of more enemys, so you can buy more upgrades like the "dont fall of the map" skill (it's the one flame in passive on lv.2) so you will run back towards the middle of the arena and gain short-time invulnerability. (this is not in this demo too, but in the older one)

      I hope I could help and a Nice Day

    4. Hey Art, it's as Anon said. The part "do 10 rounds again" is a necessary design to AoA because it is the only obstacle in the way of the player unlocking progress. Without this, progress and game-contents will be unlocked too quickly (fact: AoA doesn't have very much content). You may call this artificial difficulty to pro-long the game.

      On beating the game once, you'll be able to skip to Bosses, though this is not yet implemented. I'll look into arena-bounding the player once the boss reaches 0-hp. This should help with the unlucky falls.

      On other notes:
      1. There's some limitations to how I wrote the code for menus. By selecting "Restart", the player state is reset so no more action takes place. I thought looking at the barren arena isn't that nice.

      4. Will add option to disable auto-climax. Don;t know why I didn;t think of this.

      Your feedback helped greatly. It helps me see perspectives I couldn't earlier.

    5. Oooh, Nony saw my comment. Hi, Nony! I'm glad my feedback was helpful. Thank you for considering the arena-bind and the no-auto-climax suggestions; it's highly appreciated.

      I look forward to hearing more from you and your game!

  5. Great job man. The gallery and new animations amazing :) BGM is seriously good as well. Only issue I had was a bit of slow down during some of the earlier rounds (seems to happen after the game starts) and one time she kept moving up and right after i used the dash ability (despite not holding down those keys). Keep up the great work :)

    1. Hey Anon, thanks for the feedback. I will pass along your thoughts on the BGM to our composer.

      In regards to the slowdown, I can't say I've encountered this before. Could there be a process running in the background (like Windows Update)?

      I'll try to replicate the dash ability bug. I usually have the issue of moving in unintended direction when I alt-tab.

  6. Great job on the gallery.
    Gotta say with each release the game becomes more and more polished, and i especially like the new unlocks screen when you beat a new boss.

    However i still hate fighting the 3rd boss, due to his gimmick of spawning enemies, it feels like it becomes too much of a cluserfuck where you have to trip yourself in order to stay alive.

    Otherwise im looking forward to the full release, as im really enjoying the simple yet challenging gameplay that offers alot depth. So much that i sometimes forget its an erotic game.

  7. Great Job with the music, and the gallery got a good dark vibe.

    As for little problems or thing that could be intersting to add:

    -Maybe make it impossible to fall inbetween stages so that clumsy accident won't happen.

    -I find it useless to upgrade the shield skill, it's so rare that it bounces on more than 2 enemies. So i was thinking maybe making the shield auto-lock a little bit ennemies so that it would bounce more often or maybe change what upgrading it does, like more damage (making it too powerful i think) or lower CD.

    -The auto-climax on the gallery should be optional like someone said earlier.

    -I'm playing with a controller and i still don't know how to properly aim with the shield skill, i might be stupid but if i have to do a >90° move, it seems way to random.

    And that's about it. Keep up the good work, i'll always be glad to play your game.

    1. Hey Garuga,

      -Making the player arena-bound to avoid clumsy falling sounds like a good idea.

      -You can also charge-up the Shield Throw and give it piercing properties, instead of bouncing. Use the bounce when surrounded for best effect.

      -Auto-climax turn off option will be implemented in the next upload.

      Thanks for the input. Good to see you around.

  8. The slimes get really weird if you try to trigger a pileup with them. They all just jump onto the actor00 slot for each animation if you get them to all pile on the player at once.