Friday, 19 October 2012

The name is 'Labcoax'

For the past month I have been learning the basics of GML and identifying the things that makes a game tick. Unfortunately as I continued, my progress seemed to slow and it is taking up a lot of my already limited time. Fortunately with what I learned, I think I might just be able to put together something to show/playable, at least for a good minute or two, so I will push on.

Let's call it 'Labcoax'. Corny name yes?

I've sketched a heroine for said H-game and she might just look like this:
I don't think this particular hairstyle will stick but for the time being, I'd rather be concentrating on putting something together. I'll probably have something to show by end of next week.

Bonus: Oh, and another sketch based off the world of "Kurovadis". Just what I thought the sister of the heroine would look like if she had one.

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