Sunday, 15 March 2015

Arena of Audacia (AoA)

I figured it is about time to give AoD a name or I'll never decide on one! The project shall be henceforth renamed until otherwise noticed as:

Arena of Audacia - AoA

For the past few days I've been working on the simple game opening. Now that that's done (as of now), I will be working on the first boss and a couple more skills. Meanwhile, you can look at the heroine's gracefully fluttering dress all day.


  1. Why does that title screen make me feel the first fight would be an unwinabble one?

  2. Nice title! I like the way her hair waving around :D

  3. Awesome work on the the starting screen! Totally looks like some flashing "PRESS START" text would fit right in. It's THAT kind of fancy :P

    1. Hey you're right, it'll probably look quite nice. Your idea is mine now!

    2. And when you press start, it flashes up brightly and she raises her sword in a fancy move to the left side as the screens darkens out to load the game!!
      just super fancy

  4. Uhh so when is the next release? im super hyped after getting to round 41 and just about through with the game.