Monday, 21 March 2016

AoA - Progress Report (10)

I will (MUST) release v0.87 near the end of this month. There's not much new, I'm sorry

So I was thinking of renaming the project files. As it stands, it is appearing as AoD_Alpha2 when it should be AoA (for Arena of Audacia) instead. That's just confusing for no good reason. At the same time, I was thinking about dropping the "Alpha" too, but deduced that it is not yet time.

In the next release, you will see AoA_Alpha3 instead of AoD_Alpha2 when you extract the files.

NOW with that out of the way, we get down to what's been cooking.

Goddammit still reads AoD Alpha 
From the first picture, you can see that I've added the last TWO active skills into AoA and at the same time, it is missing the third "Settings" tab. That's because I've moved it into the Exit Menu (accessed via ESC key) because it just doesn't make sense to have it in the Skills Menu. I waaaay too much time moving it because I couldn't remember how it worked (even when I coded it) after not revisiting the code for too long.

The Gallery in the works
The gallery is also in the works. It's working for now, but that's probably because I haven't tested it thoroughly enough. The background is still missing (just reusing the arena BG) though. Will have to sink some time into making a nice one.

Following feedbacks on previous releases, the skills were too expensive to upgrade or buy even. I've run down the skill costs, and I think it's in a pretty good range now (standardized 1,000G increments). On top of that you'll have small sum of money as reward for performing double/multi-kills too.

Then there's the lack of sex/hentai skills even though this is a HENTAI GAME. I have no excuse, so I reserved the last PASSIVE slot solely for this (unless an amazing idea for a passive skill comes up). It won't be very game-changing (don't want to break the game), but just to at least make use of the sex that happens in-game. This is what I have in mind:-

Idea 1 (with settings that clearly buff OR debuff):
> Default // Gain 1 HP when climax (filled up arousal bar).
> Insatiable // Gain full HP when climax (instead of the normal 1 HP). Stamina rate up for 1 minute.
> Noble // Lose X HP when climax. Stamina rate down for 30 seconds.

Idea 2 (balances each buff with a debuff):
> Default // Gain 1 HP when climax (filled up arousal bar).
> Insatiable //  Take 2x damage. Gain full HP when climax. Stamina rate up for 1 minute.
> Noble // Deal 1.5x knockback. Lose X HP when climax. Stamina rate down for 30 seconds.

Players can toggle between Default/Insatiable/Noble by upgrading the passive skill. At least with this, player can choose how the heroine takes being sexed up. Afterall, not all heroines have to hate/love sex!

Tell me what you think about the passive skill I suggested. It won't make it for v0.87, possibly the release after. If you have delectable ideas, lemme know in the comments.


  1. It's really frustrating to chase down lone enemies and keep hitting them, especially if they're shielded. It would be cool to be able to take them down in a grab attack that takes the form of an H animation. It should deal a lot of damage or kill them outright, but leave the character defenseless for the animation period. It COULD be a separate active skill, but I think it would best be normal ability.

    I really like the noble/insatiable thing. Most games don't give you the choice as to whether you want your character to be a victim or someone that likes the H action. You could tie the traits of the grab attack to the noble/insatiable passive. One might be a more reserved, kick them down and rub them off deal, while the other could "involve" the girl more.

    I don't like the idea of having significant bonuses to completing climax. In the words of GoRepeat, the maker of Sakyubasu no Tatakai (flash action H game), you shouldn't really reward the player for failure. Having the opportunity to cheese my way through a hard level by getting free HP, given that I have enough patience, would make me feel like I'm taking advantage of the system instead of accomplishing a true victory.

    That being said, I think that more opportunities for hp restoration could be a good thing to give an alternative to using the hp restore active. Just enough that losing an hp or two to a stray hit won't be as permanent of a loss, since hp pickups are unpredictable.

    1. Heya HeftyPho,

      You could try the different skills to catch the runners. The Whirl skill pull enemies in when charged. A Lv.3 Shield Throw is also unblockable. You can also opt to let them come at you and then Parry their attacks to open them up.

      A grapple skill sounds interesting, though we've ran out of slot for active skills. I'll note this down for additional content post-release. I have however been thinking about player reverse-raping bosses as reward for defeating them (choice of death by steel or rape or bleed out). Development time is stretched thin so even if this is confirmed, it will be waaaaay later.

      It takes quite the bit of time & effort to fill up the bar though. Gotta first get hit to be knocked down (provided you don't spam the "trip" button), THEN hope you don't get hit by oncoming projectiles or whirling brutes since you aren't invulnerable in a knocked down state.

      The abuse potential is probably most obvious when fighting against bosses, since there's only 1 of them, thus easier to "trip and sex" if you will. Very likely I will change the boss behaviours to rape only when players exhausted their HP (gameover).

  2. I like the select-able H bonuses idea to be honest. Yes, it may seem like rewarding a player for failure but it could also add a bit of skill in timing and manipulating enemies at a key moment to the game. Plus the H scenes are fun. Not everyone plays the game for the same reason or at the same skill level so having the variable bonus option in utilizing the H scenes to gain back HP is in the end a nice idea.

  3. Some new positions would be nice to see in the upcoming release. Maybe it would be nice to switch between the positions during the scenes and to toggle on and off the number of active participants within each scene. (Currently, you can only add participants but can't subtract them.)

    1. Actually, there's only 4 positions planned for final release. Currently you can find 3 in-game, the 4th one about 2/3rds done. If I am able, more will be added post-release.

      The sex in-game has limitations as it will (likely) be subject to skills and balancing. The one with full control from positions, add/decrease the number of participants, the speed, down to the sex stage can be found in the "Gallery" instead. The plan is to have the "Gallery" unlocked once the player beats the game once but it might be a better idea to have it accessible right off the bat, only with the animations locked until certain ROUNDS are beaten first.

  4. I was wondering, and I apologize if this has been asked before, but does creating unique graphics for each enemy, position and hentai scene take a lot of time? For example, the foursome sex scene presently in the game has three positions for enemies, with each of the five enemies in the game having a unique graphic for each position, requiring a total of fifteen unique enemy graphics for a single hentai scene. That's a LOT of work, so I assume that flexibility is exactly what you wanted in this game.

    I would still like to suggest the following (although you probably have considered this already): if you want to ever add a larger variety of sex scenes, add some one-on-one enemy-specific sex scenes with only one graphic required overall. Giving said scenes only a percentage chance of occurring upon that specific enemy initiating sex would make it a pleasant new surprise to the player whenever it would occur. That way, you could add more of whatever you want with less work, while adding a sense of discovery and variety to the game.

    Anyway, thanks for your work!

    1. You're right. I (once again) underestimated the work required to do the flexibility where each position can be mixed and matched with any enemy. It was to be the main point of the hentai. Unfortunately it also comes with limitations. E.g.picking a position that can accommodate 3 types of enemy (human male, female, slime) well can get difficult. I mean things like drawing the sprites such that they don't block out the view of the player or the cum animation or each other participant by much, all while giving them extra margin for their motions. Luckily though, being all low-reso sprites helped cut me some slack, but this makes it tough to clearly show penetration and stuff.

      The suggestion you said, I haven't considered at all for existing enemies. Somehow it flew over my head. I'll have to note this down. With this we can have a mix of unique and generic animations, making for better variety. Although, this means adding animations on top of the 4 planned ones.

      Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for playing!

  5. Eagerly looking forward to your next release, and whatever releases that follow. Everything that you outlined here I really like, ESPECIALLY the idea of basically choosing how the H-scenes affect the heroine. It'll be fun to play through with both extremes. And the fact that you're including something that makes use of this at all is rather nice. It's amazing to me just how many h-games have such content that doesn't...really do anything, other than MAYBE affect your health bar. So yeah, I think the fact that you're having the h-content have an affect on the heroine at all is a really good idea, and I simply don't see it THAT often. I like what you're planning, so no real suggestions I can offer. The only things I can imagine are maybe...I dunno, balance stuff? Like, making it so if she's super horny and gets health that way, she suffers penalties to damage, speed and whatnot (She can't concentrate as well, 'cuz she's thinking about her desires). And perhaps the Noble gets some sort of boost in some other ways, though any h-content that comes her way hurts her. Just a thought, and honestly, I'm sure I'll enjoy it no matter what you do with it.

    Love your game so far, and I've eagerly anticipated every release and have yet to be disappointed. Always happy when I check in on this site and see an update. I check WAAAY too often. 'Cuz I can't wait for the game! I'll be all too happy to throw money at it once that's an option.

    1. I'm sure there's already a few games out there have H-scenes that affect the heroine through choices, although most of them are RPGmaker, VisualNovel and text-based games, which comes through multiple paths and endings. The H-immersion with the hero/heroine is built through the entirety of the game. Unfortunately I fear my suggested method is greatly lacking immersion, due to the fact that one can switch between extremes in an instance. For AoA, this seems to be the best compromise can be.

      I am with you on the balancing part. I think I will proceed with the Idea2 suggested in above blog post. Gonna need your help with testing it out in later releases!

      Thank you immensely for following the development. I will try my very best to achieve v1.0.