Thursday, 28 November 2013

Parasite in City

There's a japanese H-developer that is recently making waves on the scene, and there ain't no better time than to do it during the holidays. Parasite in City has just been released a couple of days ago by developers Pixel Factory.

by Pixel Factory
In the game you play a heroine who wakes up one day to find that everyone has turned into sex-crazed zombies (how convenient!) in her city. Stumbling out of her crib, she encounters an undead cop, and promptly falls into a manhole after a short tangle with said cop. It's a shitty start, but it gets better (for the player at least).

The game isn't very long and is split into three stages in total. You have to do complete runs of each stage as losing in one will send you back to the beginning of chosen stage. The game paces slowly, and continues the pace until Stage-3 where you have to suddenly move and act quickly or become overwhelmed by the zombie horde that trails you.

Throughout the game players can unlock 7 animated hand-drawn CGs (frames are not many) in the gallery and omake for in-game sprite sex.
Omake - house of sprited-sex
The art, everything from the in-game sprites (heroine, enemies, background) is phenomenal by H-game standard. The platforming is quite polished, though clunky but I believe the developer intended it. My only complain is the length of the game;- it is quite short and offers very (very!) little replayability for the hefty game price.

I shall stop now.

Back to Labcoax

I've conceptualized some number of enemies that might be in Labcoax but I haven't compiled them yet. The concepts are sprites, and I will continue to sprite a few more so I'll have the concepts put up soon as a blog update. One week tops!

That's all I have for now. Keep checking this week!

Oh and a Happy Thanksgiving day to you dwellers of the New World!


  1. Looking forward to your next update. :)

  2. I can't wait to see the werewolf enemy design, there is a werewolf design right? Of course there is, science werewolf, lol

    1. How did you know? Yes there'd be a werewolf indeed so do wait and see. No plans for a wolfgirl though.

    2. Wolfgirl sounds nice though, perhaps you might wanna sketch some designs and share it with us and see if we like the idea and stuffs? :D

    3. who wouldnt want a big strong werewolf in their h-game to mount the character and show them whose alpha :)

  3. >One week tops!
    Huehuehue, deadlines are a terrible thing. ;)

  4. Too bad the dev of Parasite in City has most likely commited suicide, since his last post on ULMF mentioning about suicide then no one heard from him anymore.

    RIP Parasite in City, what a great game.