Wednesday, 24 December 2014

AoD - Demo v0.2

AoD - Demo v0.2
Skills & stuff

Password: aod

Here's the v0.2 promised. I couldn't make it in time for those in the East (it's already Christmas for them! Oops). Probably the biggest addition to AoD in this release is the skills in the pause menu. I will leave it to you to explore the skills and menu but I should point out the menu controls first:-

Menu Controls:
'P' key - Enter/exit pause menu
'Enter' key - Confirm option
'Backspace' key - Return/Cancel

Pause menu.
Switch between tabs for "Active Skills, Passive Skills and Settings".
Currently each active skills at MAX level have very low cooldown period. This is just to facilitate testing. In (future) actual releases, the cooldown will be much longer (est. shortest at 7s to longest at 20s). Also you may notice the shield throw currently does not require a shield to be equipped to use (also to facilitate testing).

Release Notes - v0.2

  1. Added ONE (1) new H-animation (TWO variations if you count 2p & 3p).
  2. Added cum-splosion, but removed "cum puddle".
  3. Pushing enemies over the edge makes them scream.
  4. Added shields in game.
  5. Enemies now drop MONEY and SHIELD when killed.
  6. Added a SKILL system. Now able to buy/upgrade and equip a few skills.
  7. Added arousal bar! When filled, all participants engaged in the sex will gain ONE hp.

As with the last release:

  1. Depleting health doesn't kill player and causes enemies to no longer be able to hit player.
  2. Stepping out of arena bounds still does nothing to player.
  3. Ignore some of the extra sprites if you can, they're there as colour palette reference for me.
  4. The A.I. is still dumb.

Arrow keys - Movement
'C' key - Attack
'A', 'S', and 'D' keys - Activate corresponding active skills

Space - Zoom-in/out
F2 - Restarts game
F4 - Full-screen/Window mode
ESC - Exit game immediately

'P' key - Enter/Exit Pause Menu

Numpad 0 - Trips the player (or press Ctrl)
Numpad 1 - Gives you 3,000 gold
Numpad 2 - Immediately equips yourself with all skills (or press '8')
Numpad 5 - Spawns more grunts (or press '0')

Known bugs
1. Sometimes two or more enemies can get temporarily stuck together. Same for the player.
2. During a sword clash with an enemy, sometimes that enemy's  attack will go through (should negate completely in a 1-on-1).
3. When hitting multiple enemies, you might run into a fatal error (game will abort) stating "instance cannot be found". The recent Gamemaker update changed things a little, I haven't yet gotten to fix this.


I did not thoroughly test v0.2 so once again I'll be counting on you guys to help me stress test and debug this release! Let me know in the comments what you think about v0.2 (and also bugs if you found any).

And so to end the post, Merry Christmas to all that celebrate!


  1. Looking good so far, my only issue is a lack of the numpad. Perhaps a different set of keys for the extras alongside the numpad? I dunno. Aside from that, didn't notice any bugs or whatnot, but I'm also not the best Tester guy, that works. Anyway, good work, more work than me, I'm elongating the "think about the game" as far as mine goes, because yay procrastination..

    1. Hah I'm pretty sure someone will come across a bug soon enough.

      You can press the keys 'Ctrl', and the numeral keys '8' and '9' if you lack a numpad.

      You said you were making a game?

    2. Well, I'm helping one guy work on his game, doing the tileset background art stuff, while kicking around my own idea for a small game. Still heavy in the concept area, that and I need to improve my player sprite art capabilities. Es le bleh at the moment.

      Also, thanks for the info on the buttons. Google was talking about holding down fn and alt and pressing something sideways while gurgling water and I don't even know.

    3. If youre ready to show the games, let me know!

  2. will this game have creatures? slimes? Any chance of labcoax getting an update?

    1. I'm still thinking on that one. Non-humanoids will involve much more work. Take for example if I choose to include at least (4) H-animated postions x (2) variations (of 2p) each = 8-creature anims per creature. I excluded positions which will be 3p-able.

      BUT I can see why I shouldn't limit AoD to just vanilla humanoid sex so I guess you will see them after all :D

      Once I complete AoD, I'll head back to clean up Labcoax (like reworking the coding because it is a mess). As you can guess, an update for Labcoax won't be so soon though. For that I apologise.

  3. Seems like this'll be pretty fun! Must be a pretty debauched arena where the men risk their lives to try and have their fun with the protag though... or she's a really famous catch. Hrmmm, the mind ponders stories...

    1. Maybe she is of royalty and was to marry the prince (or princess if you so wish for Yuri) but denied of it in a power struggle when rival families employed subterfuge. So her family was stripped of royal standings and fell out of favour.

      Luckily in the realm of AoD, there is a way to prove loyalty to the crown ... and that is to undergo the grueling "Trial by Combat-sex!" (tee-hee). And so with utmost sense of duty to her family, the protag takes up the arduous challenge in hopes to restore the honour of her family and answer to the prince/princess' mutual feelings.

      Wow that sounded ridiculous. I may have drawn inspirations from a certain popular TV series.

  4. Looks nice, didn't test it too much because a bit of a lack of time, but I can be sure of one thing: it would be better if the menu controls used the same buttons as the game controls.
    I mean, nobody will accidentally buy some skill because pressing the pause button is already far enough, and even then, you have a confirmation dialog to make sure they want to buy it.
    Other than that, it looks pretty promising

    1. Hmm I agree. I think i'll make the menu controls to match the game controls next. Having dissimilar controls only confuse players more. Thanks for testing!

  5. Is this going to be just the combat-in-arena or will there be between matches stuff doing? Either way what you've got so far is super awesome! I'm just imagining (fantasizing) there being consequences for getting pumped full of cum, or consequences for that not happening. hm.

    1. I'm hoping to make AoD a simple game with hopefully decent replayability so there's just gonna be combat-in-arena. Trying not to stretch myself and get overly ambitious. Thanks for checking out AoD!

      It's not set in stone yet but for now, the planned (!) consequences will just be forms of temporary "buff" and "debuff" depending on the climax-specific passive skills you choose:

      Passive-A gives -20% move speed for 20secs after climax; (simulate negative consequences)
      Passive-B gives +1dmg for 10secs after climax; (simulate positive consequences)

      I'm trying to give players the option to pick their poison (or choice of immersion).

  6. Game sure reminds me of a smartphone game called "Only One".

    1. Correct! I greatly enjoyed that game for it's simplicity in design, then immediately thought it'd be even better if coupled with hentai!

      For anyone who hasn't tried the game though, I implore you to give the game "Only One" a try on your android.

  7. Interesting bug to report: The game will not run if Mumble (The voice chat client) is running. On Win 8.1 x64.

    1. Hey dudeperson, that is interesting indeed. Could it be the GM audio system? Currently v0.2 uses their legacy (old) sound. I've changed to using their newer audio functions for v0.3. If possible, could you try the same observation again after I release v0.3?

    2. Sure, no prob. Looking forward to further updates.